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If having a Fossil watch means you're on quality time, what can it do on Android? Count down the reasons why you need both your wrist!

Can Fossil Watch work on Android

Fossil is a fantastic brand, and they are renowned to design masterpieces. However, Android has become a very different operating system since Fossil started making Fossil Hybrid smartwatches.

The original Android was designed for smartphones, not wearables. In fact, Google still doesn’t recognize wearables as a separate category of devices on the Play Store. So using a Fossil smartwatch with Android can be challenging at times.

It’s easy to forget that Fossil doesn’t make Android devices, so it’s important to look for third-party services that can help you get the most out of your watch. This article will discuss how you use Android and third-party apps/apps services that work with Fossil smartwatches.

fossil watch on android

What is Android?

Android is precisely a system of open-source operating that powers a lot of wearables out there. It’s available for both smartphones and wearables and has been around since 2006.

Android phones are different from wearables, such as Fossil smartwatches, in a few key ways. For starters, they run a Microsoft-owned version of the OS as opposed to an open-source version.

Also, phones are meant to be used with a keyboard and mouse, while wearables are more focused on touch.

Android was originally designed to be used with smartphones and tablet computers. But over the years, it’s been adapted to work with wearables and even home appliances like fridges, microwaves, and set-top boxes.

fossil watch on android

What apps work with Fossil Smartwatches?

Fossil’s Android app is great because it allows you to control your smartwatch from your mobile phone. But if you don’t have access to more apps, it means you lose so many opportunities.

For example, you can use the Android app to set up your watch to work with your Fitbit account. This is helpful if you’re using Fitbit’s trackers to keep track of your health. You can also customize your watch faces using the app and download apps that let you sync your fitness data with other fitness apps.

If you have a Fossil fitness watch, you can also use the Android app to see your steps, distance, and calories burned.

Android can also set up notifications and see detailed weather reports. And you can use it to manage your watch settings, like adjusting your watch’s brightness or changing the time.

fossil watch on android

Installing a 3rd-party Android service for Fossil

If you want to take your Fossil smartwatch even further, a few 3rd-party Android services can help you get more out of your watch.

Some of these services require you to root your smartwatch, which means you’ll need to take it to an official Fossil repair center for a special procedure.

You can use most of these services without rooting your watch, but it lets you get even more out of your watch.

  • Wear OS by Google -This is available on most Fossil smartwatches, so you can get Android functionality on your watch right away. The Wear OS by Google app lets you control the watch with your voice, get push notifications from your favorite apps, and even make payments using Android Pay.
  • Local Smartwatch Manager – This is one interesting service that lets you customize your watch faces and watch faces for third-party apps. You can use it to install watch faces from thousands of beautiful designs.
  • CRONOS – This great app gives you access to a wide range of fitness features. You can track your steps and heart rate, get your daily step goal and earn points toward increasing your level.

fossil watch on android

The 3 Best Watchfaces for Fossil Smartwatches

The Fossil app has a lot of watch faces, but we recommend just sticking with their sports and outdoor watch faces. These are the best watch faces for Fossil smartwatches, and they’ll ensure you never miss an activity or weather report again.

  • Outdoor – This watch face is great for anyone who loves the outdoors. It shows you the weather, your daily steps, distance, and burned calories. It also has an Eco Mode that dims the screen when you’re not moving around too much.
  • Chronograph – Try this one if you’re looking for a simple watch face. It’s perfect for people who know their burned calories as well as steps taken. It also shows you your daily step goal and a daily progress bar.
  • Sports – Similar to the outdoor watch face, this is a great watch face for outdoor activities like hiking, running, and walking. It shows the weather and your steps and distance.

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Using an Android smartwatch with Fossil requires a level of finesse that is different from using an Android phone. But it’s not impossible. In fact, many great third-party apps and services can help you get the most out of an Android smartwatch like Fossil. And refer to this guide as it can guide you for the best.

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