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Discover the best photo enhancing app for Android and iOS in 2023. Upgrade your mobile photography game with these top-rated photo enhancer apps you can't miss.

Best Photo Enhancer Apps You Can’t Miss for Android & iOS

Are you tired of taking photos with your mobile device only to be disappointed by the lack of quality? Well, guess what? We’re about to introduce you to the best app to enhance photo quality.

In this article, we’ll share a list of our top picks for apps that can help take your mobile photography game to the next level. 

Whether you’re an aspiring professional photographer or just like to snap pics for fun, these apps will enable you to achieve picture-perfect shots every time. 

Why Are My Photos Blurry?

There are plenty of reasons why your photos might come out blurry. Some of the most common causes include camera shake, low light conditions, and a slow shutter speed. When you take a photo, your camera’s lens opens to let in light. 

If your hands are shaking when you press the shutter button, or if there’s not enough light in the scene to properly expose the shot, then your images can end up looking blurry and out of focus.

How Do I Make My Photos High Quality

If you want to step up your photography game and improve the quality of your photos, there are some tips and tricks to keep in mind. 

Firstly, make sure that you have good lighting when taking your shots – this can mean shooting in natural light or using artificial lighting sources like lamps or flashbulbs.

In addition to lighting, consider adjusting other settings on your camera, such as exposure and white balance, to achieve optimal image quality. 

However, even with these adjustments, it’s likely that you’ll still need some extra help when it comes to enhancing the final result of your photo.

The good news is that there are many fantastic photo enhancer apps available for both Android and iOS devices that can help you take your images from good to great.

Best Photo Enhancer Apps to Enhance Your Pictures

#1 HitPaw: Best AI Photo Enhancer App

If you’re looking for the best AI photo enhancer app, look no further than HitPaw AI Photo Enhancer App. This app is designed to elevate the quality of your photos with its powerful features like automatic beauty enhancements, photo restoration and repair, and even cartoon filters for your selfies. 


  • HitPaw’s AI photo enhancer can automatically recognize faces in your selfies.
  • The app has a powerful feature to fix blurry photos.
  • Users can restore old family photos to high definition, bringing viewable memories back to life.
  • Cartoon filters are available too. They include 3D special effects or hand-painted styles for those who enjoy comics.


  • Sometimes cannot create high-quality versions.

Bonus tip: How to enhance a photo using HitPaw

To enhance the quality of your photos using HitPaw’s Photo Enhancer App, simply follow these steps:

  1. Download and install HitPaw’s photo enhancer app on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Launch the application and tap on “Try Now” to access the “Enhance” feature.

  1. Choose the image you want to enhance by selecting it from your gallery, then tap “Enhance.”

  1. After a brief moment, you will be previewed with the newly improved image. If satisfied with the result, save it to your phone for future use.

#2 Pixelup: Best for Damaged Photos

Introducing the Pixelup app, a powerful photo enhancer app that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to transform old or damaged photos into crystal clear HD images. 

With restoration capabilities and colorization features, this app is perfect for revitalizing memories or enhancing your favorite selfies.


  • With Pixelup’s enhanced AI algorithm, you can easily enhance any photo – whether it’s an old family picture or your latest selfie. 
  • Photos are not only restored but descratched too, making them new again.
  • Colorize nostalgia-filled black & white family pictures with just one tap on the screen with this easy-to-use app.


  • Users will need a reliable internet connection as all processing is done online

#3 Remini: Best Free Photo Enhancer App

When it comes to the best free photo enhancer app, Remini is definitely a contender you don’t want to miss. This pixel app uses state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology that revitalizes your old, low-quality, and damaged pictures with ease. 

With over 100 million photos enhanced worldwide, Remini has become one of the most beloved enhancer apps on the market.


  • The AI-enhanced results by Remini are impressive; its powerful algorithms can sharpen detail in poor-quality images without causing blurry edges or other undesirable effects.
  • With its quick processing speed, users can turn their portrait pictures into high-definition and get an incredible amount of details in facial expressions.
  • Old blurry images or scratched family photos that you thought were lost forever can be restored with great precision and sharpness.


  • While Remini offers free usage with certain limits like a maximum image size of 5MB

#4 Picsart: Best AI Photo Enhancer App for Android

If you’re looking for a powerful AI photo enhancer app for Android, then Picsart is undoubtedly your best bet. 

Not only does it offer an array of trendy filters and special effects for your pictures, but it also has some of the most sought-after features like a background eraser, a remove object tool, millions of curated images, a text addition tool with many fonts to choose from.


  • AI tools can upscale low-quality images to make them sharper without compromising on visual quality.
  • With an easily accessible background eraser feature in this app, Remove Objects is a very user-friendly experience, thus enhancing image sharpness.
  • Users have access to millions of curated free images & customizable art frames.


  • Difficulty navigating among all its functional choices at once.

#5 EnhanceFox: Best Free Photo Enhancer App for iPhone

If you’re seeking a free photo enhancer app for your iPhone, look no further than EnhanceFox. 

This app uses advanced AI generation technology to help you repair and enhance your old or damaged photos to high resolution quickly and easily.


  • With its powerful AI technology, EnhanceFox can improve photo clarity which repairs blurred photos and turn them into clear portraits.
  • The app provides various smart deblur modes that automatically enhance the smoothness of your photos with ease.
  • Users are able to restore old family pictures — making them high definition again and like new ones.


  • It may take some time for it to process larger files.

#6 Photo Editor Pro: Improve Photo Quality Easily

If you’re looking for an all-in-one photo editing app that lets you enhance photo quality with ease, Photo Editor Pro is worth checking out.

With its impressive range of features and intuitive interface, this app makes it easy to improve your photos and unleash your creativity.


  • Huge variety of filters
  • Professional-level editing tools
  • Robust mixing and blending capabilities


  • Limited availability on Android devices

#7 PicMa: Restore Old Photo to High Quality

PicMa is an incredible photo enhancer app that helps you restore your old and shabby photos to high quality. 

Powered by state-of-the-art AI technologies, Picma is equipped to enhance photos in a way that retains both detail and natural appeal. 


  • Offers both Enhance and Enhance Pro features to clean noise from pictures, enhancing their quality while still preserving their natural details.
  • Features a powerful Restore Old Photo function that can convert blurry, broken, or old photographs into beautiful new ones.
  • DeScratch allows users to easily undo scratches or other damage.


  • Basic retouching tools

Tips to Avoid Blurry Photos

Here are some tips to avoid blurry photos:

  • One of the easiest solutions to combat camera shake is by using a tripod or stabilizing accessory. 
  • Slower shutter speeds can result in blurred images because even slight movements can cause motion blur.
  • In low-light situations, you may be tempted to raise your camera’s ISO settings. 


The best way to improve your photos is by using the best photo enhancer app. With advanced AI technology and top-of-the-line features, apps like HitPaw are perfect for enhancing your pictures to a professional level. 

FAQs of Photo Enhancer App

#1 Which is the best photo enhancer app?

The best photo enhancer app varies depending on the user’s needs and preferences. However, HitPaw is undoubtedly one of the top choices when it comes to enhancing photos with its AI-powered features, such as automatic facial recognition, restoration of old photos, and cartoon filters. HitPaw’s AI photo enhancer is available on Android, iPhone, Winodws, Mac, Online.

#2 Is there a free photo enhancing app?

Yes, there are several free photo-enhancing apps available on both Android and iOS platforms. Some of these include HitPaw AI Photo Enhancer App.

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