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The US is considering banning TikTok from use. Why would the states be considering this if the app is perfectly safe? Here's why.

TikTok has also announced they will be leaving Hong Kong and will China be next? Here's what we know about the tech giant.

Life’s never not crazy. Here’s our guide of apps that can help you maintain your regular meditation goals.

The importance of mental wellbeing & emotional health has never been clearer. Here are the best meditation and mindfulness apps.

Movies are easily our favorite form of entertainment. Struggling to find the next movie to watch? Here are personalized movie recommendation apps.

All you need is your smartphone and an internet connection, and you’re all good to go. Here are the best free streaming apps for Android.

Melita's NexTV app provides streaming TV to your mobile device. Using the NexTV mobile app, it’s possible to scan channels to find those available.

Screenwriting formatting is immensely important. There a hundred different reasons, but we’ll share just the most important ones with you today.

Here are ten of the best apps to help drag you out of that hole and back into the creative sphere to banish writer's block for good.