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IMILAB Smartwatch 12 is one of the finest watch brands on the market. Learn more about the IMILAB Smartwatch and its benefits here.

IMILAB Smartwatch W12

If you’re searching for a low-cost smartwatch with many features that will perform well during training and everyday activities, the IMILAB company has just introduced one that is worth buying.  The fact that the product is a part of the Xiaomi network tells you all you need to know about its quality. The IMILAB Smart Watch W12: Explore A Bigger World! is a replacement for the IMILAB KW66. It was released this year with a new design that is both smaller, lighter and with a new lashing design and looks.

Although both online and offline market is stuffed with known and unknown smartwatches, not all the smartwatch can give you a decent look and fulfill your watch needs. The Imilab smartwatch W12 is replete with stunning and unique features that make it stand out.

All the watch features contribute to creating an eye-catching look with the HD screen all over the front and a casting of the metallic dial along with the soft, soothing silicon wrist band and the identical twins crown on either side of the watch.

The fundamental design aspect of this smartwatch is eye-catching, with its metallic dial casing, soft silicon type wrist band, identical twins crowns, and more. The Imilab Smart Watch W12 is also featured with heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, up to 30 days of battery standby, and an IP68 waterproof rating, among other things. 

so, without further ado, let’s get straight into the in-depth review of the IMLAB smartwatch W12.

3D, HD Display

eye-catching, heart grasping at first glance, 3D HD screen of size 1.32 inch of W12 smartwatch (Explore A Bigger World!) is the outstanding feature of the watch that makes its own unique identity. It has the same universal 360 by 360-pixel display resolution as various other smartwatches. 

Color contrast and visibility on display are well-articulated, and the panel is bright enough that you won’t have any viewing difficulties even in front of bright sun. The watch and its display seem big enough, and it looks bold, thanks to the 46mm overall dial size.

However, it is dependent on the user’s wrist size and personal choices. The sensitive touchscreen is snappy, and the touch sampling rate is sufficient for everyday use. According to the manufacturers, the touch panel of the watch screen is quite sensitive and responsive, with a sensitivity rate of 4 V/lux-sec.

Blood Oxygen Monitoring

As we know, health is wealth, and if our health is not good, then all the pleasure of the world looks like a dry tree, so keeping the body fit and good is most essential. A good blood oxygen level keeps you and your lungs fresh and boosted, which is while keeping and maintaining the average oxygen level is essential to the body. 

The distinguishing phenomenon of the W12 is the blood oxygen level monitoring which helps us keep our blood oxygen level up-to-date and ultimately helps us remain active and healthy. Although no wristwatch health tracking or measuring capabilities can be compared to appropriate medical equipment, smartwatches are essentially advising or displaying information to users regularly.

Monitoring Heartbeat Rate

If you have frequent cardiovascular health concerns, the 24-hour continuous heart rate monitoring can help you keep notice of how your heartbeat fluctuates and how this can be maintained. If you’ve been dealing with cardiac difficulties for a time, it’s challenging to keep track of your daily heart rate count or even the ups and downs regularly. 

As a result, wearing a smartwatch like the IMILAB W12 might motivate you to keep track of your heartbeats and be informed in all situations throughout the day. IMILAB W12 includes a larger sensor that monitors your cardiovascular health 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The embodied heart rate tracking sensor is built on advanced technologies that track your every minute heart rate either you are sleeping, working, and doing exercise.

Long Battery Timing

The 330mAh polymer Li-ion battery of the W12 smartwatch offers a great battery timing of 30 days with a charging time of only 2 hours. The timing also depends on the usage of the smartwatch and the background running tasks because they consume more power as compared to the normal mode.

To charge this W12 wristwatch, you’ll need a 5V and 1A charging adaptor. To extend the battery life of your IMILAB W12 smartwatch, avoid using a high-voltage charging adapter.

IP68 Water-Resistant

Next, we should discuss the IP68 Waterproof certification, which is something that a competent device user always desires in certain circumstances to easily safeguard the device from water splashes, diving into the water, rainy days, and so on. 

The IMILAB W12 wristwatch also features an IP68 waterproof rating, which will allow you to easily safeguard it from accidental water splashes or even swimming. This wristwatch, according to the manufacturer, has a fully sealed design that makes it waterproof in terms of handwashing, corrosion from everyday chemical products or sweat, and so on.

Customizable Watch Face

One of the significant benefits or convincing points on smartwatches is watch faces, specially customized watch faces, which may quickly catch your attention at first glance. Similarly, a smartwatch with a gorgeous or stylish, unique-looking watch face might draw attention to your wrist in a crowd. 

The IMILAB W12 wristwatch comes with various customizable watch faces that can be found both on the device and via the mobile application. As a result, you may pick from various watch faces via the app and download them as needed.

Variety Of Sports Modes

The IMILAB W12 smartwatch has 13 sports or activity modes that may be used for a wide range of exercises and activities. Hiking, swimming, jogging, cycling, mountaineering, cycle spinning, acrobatics, skipping, yoga, badminton, boating, and sit-ups are just a few of the activities available. 

However, we may anticipate IMILAB to add a few additional modes to W12 shortly via software upgrades. The best aspect is that you can personalize tracking and coach for everyday activities, which is particularly useful for specialist users who enjoy vigorous workouts. You may also keep track of all of your expressive movements in real-time with the aid of a sports data display.

Reminding Feature

The notification reminder function, on the other hand, is something we’d want to see on every wristwatch. Calls notifications, SMS, and application alerts such as weather, timer, stopwatch, work reminder, locate my phone alert, and so on are all included. 

All of these reminder alerts will be useful in our daily lives and at work. The IMILAB W12 wristwatch features a notifications reminder feature that will allow you to almost perfectly balance your life and work.

Adjustable and Concise

The IMILAB W12 smartwatch is concise and lighter than ever before, giving it a one-of-a-kind appearance on your wrist. It boasts a 10.8mm slimmer Zinc alloy metal casing that feels robust for regular use, according to the maker. The case back, on the other hand, has an IML process finish that gives it a matte finish and a smoother surface for a more comfortable grip.


Conclusively, Explore A Bigger World: W12 is the affordable and heart-capturing smartwatch that you can find online with a decent look and royal features. The W 12 also has regular heart rate and blood oxygen level monitoring, many sports modes, and long battery life. 

The IMILAB W12 wristwatch could be the ideal pick right now if you’re searching for an all-rounder smartwatch with all the essential features and options under 350 RMB that works with both Android and iOS devices.

Get easy access to this W12 smartwatch from their company’s official website, where you’ll discover all the details on this and other models. You may also keep up with the latest news on Facebook and Linkedin.

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