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They don’t make shows like they used to, especially when you’re comparing any teen sitcom to Nickelodeon’s 'Victorious'. Listen to these iconic songs.

Travel back in time and dance to these legendary ‘Victorious’ songs

They don’t make shows like they used to, especially when you’re comparing any teen sitcom to Nickelodeon’s Victorious. A group of exceptionally talented high school students have the craziest assignments and find themselves in the most ridiculous places. 

If these students weren’t acting out a one man show, they were probably channeling their inner superstar, singing in prison, dancing as cartoon food characters, or even fighting with their sarcastic puppet. Either way, the show was a major success! 

Nickelodeon’s Victorious didn’t just bring us an amazing cast – they also showcased incredible talent like “Thank U, Next” singer Ariana Grande (Cat), Victoria Justice (Tori), and Dynasty star Elizabeth Gillies (Jade). Let’s take a look at some of Victorious’s legendary songs. 

“Tell Me That You Love Me”

Probably one of the most underrated Victorious songs is “Tell Me That You Love Me” by Tori (Victoria Justice) & Andre (Leon Thomas). In season 1, episode 11, it looks like the gang almost got a free meal at a very expensive restaurant until they lied about being ping pong legends. The only way to pay the bill – to sing of course

Not only is the song romantic but it perfectly captivates the room, by grabbing the audience’s attention away from their overly prized food, and gives their coconut loving teacher Mr. Sikowitz (Eric Lange) a second to flee the restaurant. Sounds like Sikowitz. 

“Take a Hint”

One of the best Victorious songs for anyone who’s ever been annoyingly hit on in a bar – listen to “Take a Hint” from season 3 episode 6. Like Tori & Jade (Elizabeth Gillies) singing to two boys at Karaoke Dokie: “You think that we should hook up, but I think that we should not. You had me at ‘hello’, then you opened up your mouth. And that is when it started going south.” Ouch.

Not only did this song get everyone cheering for these bada** ladies, but it was total girl power against two oblivious dorks. Do you think they took the hint

“Give It Up”

The duo we didn’t see coming – Cat (Ariana Grande) & Jade’s “Give It Up” when they challenged two stuck-up girls to a fair karaoke contest in season 1, episode 13. Unfortunately, because the girl’s father owned the club, they lost by utter nepotism. Either way, we saw these ladies own the stage with their high notes and sharp sound. However, these songs were nothing compared to what was in store when Tori soon arrived. 

“Freak the Freak Out”

In season 1, episode 13, after Jade & Cat lost their karaoke battle (that they definitely won), it was up to Tori, aka her alias Louise Nordoff, to show two snobby rich girls what talent actually sounded like. Introducing one of the most iconic Victorious songs – “Freak the Freak Out” didn’t just steal the show, but it proved that looks really can kill. 

Tori dresses up as the loner (Louise Nordoff) with terrible fashion sense, a clear sinus problem, and a terrible wig. But little do the girls know: Louise transforms into the beautiful Tori Vega by the end of the song. Let’s just say those girls were ready to “freak out”. 

“Song 2 You”

We’ve all had that one person we can never shop for. You know, that person who has everything . . . Well, Tori felt that way with her sister Trina Vega (Daniella Monet) when she bought her sister a present she already had. Whoops! 

In season 1, episode 4, Tori had another gift idea– give Trina her very own song! Though Trina quickly tried to use her “birthweek” gift as her own money grabbing scheme, “Song 2 You” was another great duet between best friends Tori & Andre.

“Make It Shine”

Finally, “Make It Shine”. The song in the pilot episode of Victorious not only became the song of the show, but was the first performance by Tori Vega. During Hollywood Arts High School’s annual showcase, Tori was sent to the stage while Trina’s tongue was “throbbing rapidly”. As nervous as she was, she knew she had talent and ended up stealing the show. 

“Make It Shine” also became the show’s theme song that even the iCarly gang sang in one of their episodes. Either way, it’s a song that no matter how you’re feeling, you’re always going to “make it shine”. Thanks, Victorious

Have we left out a classic Victorious song? Let us know which songs you liked & disliked in the comments below. 

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