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BTS ARMY, have you seen the videos for the 'BE' album? Watch your biases perform on stage and revel in their lewks while promoting 'BE'.

BTS’s new videos are here! All the deets about the ‘BE’ album

Princes of K-pop, BTS is at it again, bringing their feverish fandom all kinds of delightful treats. In the spirit of Halloween, our boys satiated our sweet tooth with the release of two exciting concept videos.

These BTS content clips came with no warning or schedule – they’re simply a gift from tJiminhe heavens to celebrate their upcoming album BE. Take a look at these cool new BTS concept clips with us. 

New album teases

The Bangtan Boys have been teasing their new album BE for a while, leaning into fans’ discussions about themes and dropping postcards addressed to the ARMY. BE is set to be released on November 20, 2020 and the lead song will be “Life Goes On”. 

The concept photo for the album which was released on October 19th kicked off a new era for BTS. The crew is pictured with many different musical instruments and they’re sporting a sort of half dressed up, half dressed down style.  

BTS adopted the “Life Goes On” motto during their United Nations speech, and we’re sure that they’ll carry on their message to their leading song of the BE album. Big Hit Entertainment has confirmed the new album aims at delivering a message of healing to the world “even in the face of this new normality, our life goes on.”

We’re not sure what the song will sound like yet, but these new clips may give us a little taste. 

Reflection video

This first version of BTS’s teaser clips shows the members one by one stopping in front of the camera, staring straight at it. The camera serves as an up close lens as the boys examine their reflection. They then regroup & pose in the alley. This video is set to an upbeat, peppy musical track. 

Mirror video

This alternative version of the BTS clip shows the boys doing basically the same thing as before – it follows the same line of order and cuts to an ending group shot. However, this version the boys are looking at a mirror on the wall instead of into the camera. Their actions are reminiscent of the reflection video but are slightly different. The background song in this clip has also changed, now a slower-paced score. 

Can we talk about their lewk? 

As usual, the Bangtan Boys have a collective style that always makes them look fresh & fly. Jimin & V look pure in white, Jin & J-Hope look mellow in yellow, and Suga & Jungkook boldly go dark. 

And RM is wearing a denim bucket hat?! Is this the 90s?! Since when did that lewk come back? In the mirror video he looks ashamed of the hat himself, even pulling it down to hide his face and shaking his head as he walks away. In the reflection video RM even takes the hat off and holds it up to the camera to block himself. Who made him wear this? We need names! 

Fan theories

While we’re awed by RM’s bold denim hat, it does seem to match the whole 90s vibe of the videos in general. Posing in the back of alleys, washed-out jeans, home-video cuts – it seems like BTS is going for a very retro boy band theme. 

The flip between mirror & reflection prompts the audience to look at the boys in a new angle, perhaps indicating that we need to see them how they see themselves and from a new perspective. 

Fans are also drawing connections to their performance of “Home” on Jimmy Fallon where they sang in front of a mirror, predicting that their new album might bring up a nostalgic, personal theme. 

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  • I have a tattoo that say Life Goes On. I had for 3 years now. I’m really excited to hear the song know.

    November 4, 2020

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