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How does Wendy Williams stay on the air? She has absolutely no chill. Dive into the funniest memes about her most cringeworthy moments.

Why is Wendy Williams still on the air? Cringe at these hilarious memes

Wendy Williams has a nasty habit of stepping into it in some form or another. Her most recent faux pas, involving her flippant attitude discussing the death of TikTok star Swavy is no exception, causing Wendy Williams to garner memes in the worst possible context. 

Memes about Wendy Williams have existed for a while, with the Swavy situation causing a resurgence of them. These memes about Wendy Williams either address the current issue or bring up her many, many social blunders of the past. 

Of course, these memes about Wendy Williams have found a permanent home on Twitter. We chatted through the threads to find the best Wendy Willians memes that will have you laughing as you cringe at their contexts. Get ready to retweet as you dive into these Wendy Williams memes. 

Say I

*Raises hand*

Clearing the air 

Now that is what we call a clap back

Shut up!

Aka everyone’s reaction to her in a nutshell. 


When you frame it like that, it definitely makes sense! 

What do you gain? 

We’re still asking ourselves that question. 


Definitely a nice way of putting it . . . . 

Turn it up!

We doubt this will die down anytime soon, dude! 


We don’t think she’s registered the embarrassment yet. 


A truly accurate depiction of events. You’re quite the journalist, dude! 


Glad to see someone is getting a laugh out of this! 

Have any other hilarious Wendy Williams memes? Drop them below in the comments before the channel gets changed!

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