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The 'Friends' reunion on HBO Max was everything we wanted it to be. But how did Matt LeBlanc look to fans? These Twitter memes say it all.

Is Matt LeBlanc acting like an uncle? These ‘Friends’ reunion memes say “yes”

The Friends reunion on HBO Max was everything fans wanted it to be. It had familiar sets, timeless memories, and a lot of new faces literally. The Friends reunion, which celebrated its long-lasting legacy as one of the most popular sitcoms ever created, brought back the original cast nealy seventeen years after the series finale aired.  

However, while all of the cast looked & seemed great, even Matthew Perry who knowingly faced a long struggle with drug & alcohol abuse, most fans were surprised to see Matt LeBlanc and his, shall we say, small weight gain? It’s fine. He’s old & happy – just let the man live! Let’s celebrate the loveable Joey Tribbiani and his drunk uncle-like appearance with some of the best memes on Twitter.  

Family reunion

It’s always uncomfortable to sing in front of family & friends . . . see what we did there? 

Drunk uncle

Uncles are always observers at the standard wedding function. What else are they good for besides eating & drinking? 

No cheating!

Based on the Friends reunion we wouldn’t be surprised if Matt LeBlanc really is a PE teacher these days. 

Christmas morning

It’s also funny how the children only ever thank the mom, too.

Designer jeans

Uncles are never aware of what the latest trends are outside of Goodwill


Matt LeBlanc was simply delightful on the Friends reunion, and we know he’s being a great sport about all of these memes. 

Uh oh

Ladies & gentlemen . . . we have our new Bernie Sanders meme

Last call

Yeah, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, perhaps. 

Cool uncle

Always struggling to impress the nieces when the only ones who really like you are the nephews. 

How you doin’? 

Uncles . . . they’re always looking to eat & run, before they’re not.

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