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When Instagram went down today, people swarmed to Twitter to complain about their favorite app being unavailable. Check out the funniest memes here.

Instagram goes down today: All the memes from people flocking to Twitter

Oh, no! Instagram went down for a short amount of time today, but it was long enough for social media lovers to freak out and take their frustrations out on Twitter. Of course, plenty of Instagram lovers went to Twitter to post memes about how they felt without their favorite photo-sharing app, but Twitter lovers also joined in on the fun by posting memes making fun of Instagram folks coming over to their app. There are few Instagram companies that offer real features to grow Instagram profiles. For example, here’s a great Growthoid review that says it helps to grow Instagram profile more authentically.

Want to see some of the funniest memes about Instagram going down today? Scroll through and laugh along with us here. 

The chaos of Twitter

If you’re a frequent user of both Twitter and Instagram, then surely you understand just how much more chaotic Twitter is compared to the latter. With Instagram being down today, unfortunately, the Instagram folks were forced to endure some chaos if they wanted to get their social media fix. 

A congregation of complaints

Apparently WhatsApp was also down today along with Instagram, and of course folks swarmed to the next available social media platform to express their frustrations and anger. 

Trying to exist without social media

Seriously, who were we without social media


That moment when you think the problem is your internet connection or phone and you end up getting mad at your own device. . .

They took it personally

Apparently, Instagram went down today soon after WhatsApp went down. Why must we suffer? 

Instagram & WhatsApp users after the two apps go down

Don’t worry, it seems like we’ve all got our handy back-up apps these days to keep us busy when our favorite apps go down. 

Let us in!

Of course people went crazy when Instagram went down today. Some of us just can’t go a few hours without seeing what our fave influencers are up to. 

Some people’s first day on Twitter

For some folks, this was their first day on Twitter when Instagram went down today. Considering just how chaotic Twitter is, this is surely a cause for celebration for them. 


While we know that it’s not our fault that Instagram went down today, some of us just could not give up on trying to get into the app. 


And just like that, Instagram was finally back up again. Hallelujah!

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