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The social media industry has new platforms coming frequently. Take a look at the top 5 most commonly used social media platforms right now.

Top 5 Most Commonly Used Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are creating opportunities for people very impressively. But, they are increasing competition as well. Anything can become trending in an instance. That’s why everyone is trying to surpass the other. 

Here are some platforms that are used most widely, but be careful – scammers are out there! UseViral is legit as a IG promotion service you can use.  

1. YouTube:

YouTube is a search engine that has very successfully captured the attention of a large number of audiences. You can find any kind of video here. You can create a YouTube channel and earn money through videos. People from all age groups can easily search for anything here. You can watch any content online. YouTube provides you an opportunity to download these videos and watch them later.  

But, the use of YouTube downloader is also increasing rapidly. YouTube to mp3 converter allows you to convert video clips in mp3 format. You can also download these videos as sound files of outstanding quality. These converters and downloaders are available online and do not require registration. You can convert any file easily in a batch.

2. Instagram:

Instagram is also meant for sharing photos and videos. This platform is providing great exposure whether it is a brand, a celebrity, or anyone from your family. It provides you a pictorial presentation of the world around you. It all begins with downloading and creating an account on Instagram. 

You can create and switch multiple Instagram accounts on your device. Your profile page is of prime importance. Keep it updated. You can upload up to 10 videos and photos at a time. 

3. Facebook:

This social networking site has more than 2.8 billion users. It is meant for connecting and sharing online. But, it is more public than any other social media website. That’s why you will notice privacy tools on this platform. It can help you to limit the people who can see what you are sharing. 

You can create Facebook groups and stay in touch with your Facebook friends. You can like pages and see updates. Facebook is so common that other platforms have also integrated with it. You can avail of different services provided by these websites by using your Facebook account. 

4. Twitter:

This medium is famous for communicating for breaking news. Communicating with your users in real-time is a real pleasure. If you love trending topics, then a timely written tweet can do wonders. If your audience captures the age group between thirty and sixty, then Twitter is the place for you to experiment. A tweet is a short post up to 140 characters long. 

For those who don’t like lengthy content, this platform is for them to stay updated. They can go through tweets quickly. You can follow people and others can follow you too. You can take part in discussions.  You can also retweet. This way you can not only express yourself but can also bring the audience to the original tweet. 

5. Pinterest:

It is the visual display of different ideas including home, style, and recipes. On your home feed, you can see Pins, people, and businesses. You can also search for different Pins and get ideas relevant to your keywords. If you like anything, you can save it to boards. 

If you want to search for anything, type it in the search bar and you will get numerous ideas relevant to your search. Pins may include any video, image, or product.  You can create a Pin by uploading an image. You can add a title and description to it.  You can create boards to organize your Pins. Anyone can see your profile but your secret boards remain hidden.

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