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Here are all the other, far more effective, social media platforms every filmmaker should be using instead of Facebook.

We have a few social media suggestions for you to increase your coverage, viewership, and profits with far more success than Facebook.

Being a filmmaking genius can be a lonely life. With more social media sites than ever before, there are plenty of platforms to help you connect.

Here are twelve of the most notable shows on SVOD service Facebook Watch you might want to check out (or avoid), ranked from worst to best.

It’s a crazy old time for doing business in the EU right now. Following deliberated speculation over a controversial overhaul of European copyright law, last week the EU

In what might be one of the biggest media mashups the world has ever seen, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is working on a teen soccer show for Facebook’s new

If you’ve got any sense, you won’t let all those sunshine good times get in the way of your TV schedule. Here’s our ranking of the ten hottest

You may want to check over your shoulder the next time you use your MoviePass subscription, if a recent keynote speech by CEO Mitch Lowe is anything to