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Can memes be dangerous? What once evoked innocent humor, has now transformed into a dark movement. Here’s a look inside the scary Boogaloo movement.

Celebrities have a tumultuous relationship with social media. Here's why celebs everywhere are going on a Facebook and Instagram freeze.

Violence and an assassination in Ethiopia has been linked to fake news on Facebook. So, what is Facebook doing in the face of this devastating news?

Kim Kardashian is hitting pause on her usage of Instagram and Facebook. Here are the reasons she's won't use the sites temporarily.

A couple of people were charged with arson in connection to wildfires in California. Is there an update? Discover if they were politically motivated.

After an eleven-season run on 'MasterChef Australia' the familiar trio of judges has been replaced. Why were they replaced and who are these new judges?

Oh, 'Sanditon', how we love thee. The official 'Sanditon' Twitter is giving us hope for a season 2. Here's everything you need to know.

We all enjoy our daily dose of memes – but not all memes are innocent. Here's how Boogaloo memes incited a right-wing extremisit, anti-authority movement.

Why has Facebook has banned a large portion of QAnon's content? Is Twitter next? Let’s go ahead and walk through who the heck QAnon is.