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Get your subscribers super engaged after learning these awesome facts about live streaming services for your channel!

7 Kickass Facts About Live Streaming Services You Should Not Miss

Before recently, we have mainly expressed our opinions through text material, but live streaming allows us to build close relationships with individuals by using our real faces and qualities. People want to like you as a person more than they want to pick your material. Also, you won’t be able to fake it here, which is still feasible in text content.

This is, as far as I can tell, a significant interruption. When I created one of my Live Telecasting sites Ganpati Darshan, I waited a long time to observe its progress. At the time, QIK was the only paid service on the market. The irony is that I attempted to put up my platform but could not raise the hefty elephant of live broadcasting.

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Live Streaming Drive You towards Real World!!!

live streaming facts

I’m thrilled now since I have something that will benefit everyone. I began live streaming on Periscope, Facebook Live, Meerkat, #FAME, and Me Vee, among other platforms. It’s assisting me in developing positive relationships on my periscope profile. After utilizing such sites, I learned a lot about live streaming, and I want to share those bits of cake with you guys in this Blog.

1. Research & choose Right Topic

Look for a topic to debate on a live platform before you go live. Then, once you’ve decided to conduct thorough research and study the issue, you’ll discuss it with your audience. For example, I choose to discuss HYPERLOOP. In that case, I must first learn about the technology, its benefits, stability, importance, pros, drawbacks, and, of course, probable questions others will ask you in comments, etc.

2. Always give value in your live Broadcast, Be Selfless

If you are unsure about the topic, you wish to discuss, conduct research on Twitter/Google/Facebook TRENDS and do your study before beginning live streaming. This is beneficial because most people are constantly interested in hot issues. Avoid political/news/debate-related matters; otherwise, there will be little difference between your broadcast and traditional news outlets. Every platform has beauty; don’t turn it into something outdated and uninteresting.

3. Share what they don’t, Have a Catchy Title

Whether blogging or live-streaming, titles are always critical in getting people to respond to your broadcast. So come up with a creative title for your ideal live broadcast. “I’m a witness of HYPERLOOP in Reality,” for example. You may automate this process by using a clever title-generating tool. Bonus tip: include some emojis at the beginning and end of the title, like the cherry on top of an ice cream. “I’m a witness of HYPERLOOP in Reality,” for example.

live streaming facts

4. Schedule Live Broadcast along with Time Zone

Remember that big live-streaming sites have a worldwide community. This indicates that you must broadcast at the appropriate moment for your audience. Please see this research and the infographic below for the best time to perform a live stream. Time zone has a significant influence, especially when targeting a specific country and your issue is worldwide.

Once you’ve decided on a topic, use an automatic scheduling solution like Zapier or Delver to plan your social posting. This assists us in creating a buzz about our live broadcast on many platforms. I firmly believe in leveraging additional media to grow an existing one. This will increase your reach, and remember that reverse engineering seldom fails.

5. Start with Greeting Your Reply Users

Suppose you appreciate your audience, whether reply watchers or live viewers, they will respect you. I am confident that people drive the Internet; technology is only a platform.

6. Words are more potent than Weapons

Once you begin broadcasting live, always greet the reply viewer by stating, “Thanks for watching the Reply of this Broadcast. I greatly value your time.” Because gaining the first viewer takes time, this should be done within the first 15 seconds. Because you are engaging with people in real time, your EQ is more crucial than your IQ. That is the main point.

live streaming facts

7. Focus on User Engagement & Handling Trolls

When you go live, you first should greet your audience by name; this has a physiological influence on your life narrative. It encourages consumers to stay with your broadcast, resulting in a lower bounce rate:). This is feasible during the first phase until you have a larger community. Playing background sound throughout your broadcast for a particular occasion also aids in attracting attention. I’m using the Custom Sound Board app to make funny sounds throughout my live broadcast, and I’m sure the guys will like it.


The importance of selecting the right platform cannot be overstated. You should have the guts to take the risk and make it your own. If you ask me to advertise a few things on Twitter, I would defiantly choose Snapchat or Live to stream since nobody wants to applaud for 140 words; instead, they want to clap for who you indeed are.

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