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Everyone wants to grow their Instagram profile. Here are some tips on how to grow the profile by using Twitter.

7 Ways to grow your Instagram profile through Twitter

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today. There are more than a billion active users on Instagram which speaks volumes of its popularity. It includes many celebrities and popular figures. Many of them have grown famous through Instagram even. They serve as an inspiration for many who aspire to get famous. Instagram and sites like TweSocial has helped many go viral and still keeps on doing so. 

Getting famous isn’t that easy and a lot of hard work is put into taking one’s account to that level. A mistake that many make is not promoting themselves outside of the platform. There are many huge social media networks you can use to grow your Instagram account including a webinar platform. Twitter is one of the best such options and there are some Twitter bot services that prevent many problems and help to boost engagement and growth. Here is how you can use it for this purpose.

Put A Link To Your Instagram In Your Bio

Many people put a good effort into their Twitter bios and that is for a reason. This is the first thing anyone notices about an account. 

Hence, it should be attractive and minimal. In this case, it is recommended to put a link to your Instagram account in the bio. Whenever you visit your bio, will be exposed to it and might give your account a look. The chances of them staying depends on the content that you have to offer. 

Integrate Your Accounts

Like Facebook, now Twitter too supports integration with Instagram. It can be all done from within the Instagram app or website itself. To do so, all you have to do is go to “Settings” and find the option for Twitter in linked accounts.

Logging into your Twitter account will then end the linking procedure. Now you can directly share your Instagram posts to Twitter. These posts would directly send your audience to your Instagram account. If you have to post the same content across both platforms, you can do it from just one place thanks to this. 

Share Links Of Your Posts

Including the link to your Instagram posts in your tweets is another simple way of guiding your followers to Instagram. There are plenty of ways it can be implemented. First, you can tweet a caption or a description of the photo or video along with a link to it. 

You can also tweet a cropped out or blurred version of the media instead of not posting anything at all. For videos, you can either tweet a small clip or just a screenshot out of it. If the content is interesting, these strategies will definitely boost your entire engagement. 

Use Twitter Ads

A good ratio of users don’t know it but Twitter has an ads service of its own. It will make you gain engagement on Twitter which in return would help your Instagram. Twitter gives you a lot of options for ads, two of which work the best for our purpose. These two options are “Promoted Tweets” and “Website Cards”. The first one, as the name suggests, promotes your certain tweets. You can choose to promote the tweets that mention your Instagram account or posts. 

Website Cards lets you put a link to a website that you want to promote. You just have to put the link to your account and wait for it to reach more and more people.

Include Your Username In Tweets

Tweeting too many post links can get annoying over time. Instead, you can switch over to including your Instagram handle in your posts. 

It can either be in your text posts or you can edit it in your photos and videos. You just have to make sure it looks visible without eating up a lot of space on the visual media.

Run Instagram Contests

You can run Instagram-exclusive contests and giveaways to attract the Twitter audience. There are plenty of such contest ideas that you can find online and you don’t have to stress over it too much. 

These contests usually involve simple tasks like following, liking, tagging, and commenting on the posts. Winners are usually decided at random in such giveaways. Or you can ask them to do specific tasks like captioning photos or answering questions. Whoever performs the best is awarded in such a case.

Paid Promotions

We have been surrounded by paid promotions our entire lives. The advertisements we see on TVs or billboards with celebrities are nothing but paid promotions. 

Instead of celebrities here, you pay a small amount of money to popular accounts and influencers to promote your Twitter and Instagram accounts. This will also help you gain engagement on Twitter more than you are getting currently. 


Twitter is a broad network of people of all kinds and from everywhere around the world. Thousands of tweets are sent out every hour around the globe. Its easy text-based format makes publishing simple and fast. As Twitter also supports an Instagram integration, it fits right in for promotional purposes. 

With the 7 ways mentioned above, you can make the most out of advertising your Instagram account on Twitter. If you don’t get the desired results, there is a last resort and that is to buy Instagram followers. If you want more engagement fast and legally, you can visit websites like,, Viralyft, and ViewsExpert.

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