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Now that 'Cruella' is finally out, it's time to decide whether Glenn Close or Emma Stone played a better Cruella De Vil. Check out the debate here.

Is Glenn Close the best Cruella De Vil? Peek at the ongoing debate

If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will! The terrifying Disney villain has recently returned to the big screen in Cruella, with Emma Stone giving the character a whole new look & attitude. Her performance brought an unexpected depth to the spot-loving stylist as we learn just why she wants a spotted coat so badly. 

However, no one can forget the Glenn Close live action performance of Cruella De Vil either. The sinister laugh, the over-the-top action, and the surprising bits of wisdom are what made Glenn Close’s Cruella De Vil stick in our minds years later. 

So who is the superior De Vil? We sniffed our way through the Twitter threads to find out. Hide your puppies as we dive into the Glenn Close vs. Emma Stone Cruella De Vil debate. 

Supposed to be 

We can’t deny it, Close really brought the true, wicked nature of the character to life. 

Die on this hill 

You gotta admire their dedication to their side. 


Close certainly perfected the performance to the point that it was perfect nightmare fuel. That laugh still haunts us . . . 

It’s a look 

Those costumes were pretty iconic and eye-catching, which is hard for a full black and white wardrobe! 

Oscar bait 

Guess the Academy that year was made up of dog owners . . . 

Didn’t know we needed 

Moving to Stone’s defenders, we can agree that sometimes the best stuff comes from unexpected places. 


Stone really added a nice new spin to the character, just like the soundtrack added a new spin to classic rock songs! 


She definitely added some new nuance to the character, we’ll say that much. 

Rave reviews 

Definitely a five-star performance! 

Skunk stripe 

We won’t be surprised if those make a comeback after Stone pulled it off so well. 

Who do you think was a better Cruella De Vil, Glenn Close or Emma Stone? Drop your thoughts below in the comments to keep the puppies safe! 

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