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The most beloved 'Sonic' game is rolling back onto a videogame console near you. Get the tea on the updated 'Sonic: Colors', and see the fandom rejoice.

‘Sonic: Colors’ gets a well-deserved remaster: Roll through what we know

The fastest thing alive is getting another game remastered. The game originally made for Nintendo Wii by Sega, Sonic: Colors is getting an update for new consoles. 

According to Polygon, Sonic: Colors will be the same game you know & love, but it will contain new game modes, refined, controls, upscaled visuals that you can already see in the trailer, and more! 

So get ready to go fast and roll through our rings of knowledge about the Sonic: Colors remaster. 

Sonic: Colors

Sonic: Colors dropped in 2010 to critical & gamer fanfare with an interesting storyline. Sonic travels to space to visit Dr. Eggman/Dr. Robotnik’s amusement park. However, Sonic’s not there on vacation! The nefarious Dr. Robotnik has enslaved the planet to create his version of Disney World, so Sonic has to save the enslaved aliens known as “wisps”. 

To save the day, Sonic does the usual: rolls into a ball, collects rings, and speeds through obstacle courses. However, the wisps he saves endow him with different powers, including turning into a fireball, a wall-climbing spike ball, a hovercraft, and more! Amid a visually stunning backdrop, these features will make you want to play Sonic: Colors over & over again. 

Fandom rejoices! 

Naturally, the Sonic fandom is going nuts over the re-release of Sonic: Colors and we’ve got the best reactions to its return to consoles. Of course, the reactions are a mixed bag, but we think you’ll get a kick out of em anyway! 

Of all the Sonic reboots & rehashes coming to a console near you, Colors is the only Sonic game worth rebooting. 

What do you mean it’s an Epic Games exclusive release? Read the fine print! 

Wasn’t a Sonic: Colors what we wanted anyway? Why is it a big deal that it’s only on Epic Games? 

Oh, that’s why. Apparently, Xbox players are going to have to wait and get shut out of the pre-order because the store’s a pain or something (apparently, a bunch of people on Twitter are CAPS-LOCKS shouting at us that it’s the worst platform in the history of platforms right now)? We dunno 🤷

What about Sonic: Unleashed? Where’s werewolf Sonic?! 

Wait, the colors are washed out??? Then why is it called Sonic: Colors

Can’t we do the games in order? Come on! Sega skipped over a bunch just to remaster Sonic: Colors

This September’s still in 2021, or does time really not matter anymore? 

Now that is some fan love! 

Sonic: Colors will be available September 7th through Epic Games and will be available on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 under the name Sonic Colors: Ultimate per Polygon. If you pre-order the ultimate edition for $10 USD more, you get Sonic: Colors early on September 3rd and you get some Sonic swag, including merch and music remixes. 

Are you rushing to pre-order Sonic Colors: Ultimate? Let us know in the comments! 

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