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Looking for a new gaming obsession? Try one of these popular video games on Steam. One of these is sure to be your new favorite.

Add these popular video games to your Steam library today

Looking for something new to play, but aren’t sure what to add to your Steam library? It can be tough to figure out what your next gaming obsession is going to be, and the more extensive your list of played games are, the harder it can be.

If you’d like some help brainstorming ideas we’ve got you covered. We put together a list of some of the most popular video games available on Steam that you maybe haven’t played yet.

From survival games to sim games there’s something for everyone out there.


If you haven’t heard of it yet you were bound to soon enough. Valheim was only recently released on Steam. It was released on February second, to be exact. But already the Early Access game has proven to be extremely popular among gamers.

This open world survival game drops you into a procedurally generated world, which means yours won’t be like the one your friend plays in. Actually, speaking of, you can play with up to nine of your best gaming friends in Valheim.

This viking-themed game with the ability to build, fight, and explore is on Steam for $19.99 and 96% of its reviews are positive. If survival games are your cup of tea, then you have to download Valheim ASAP. Do keep in mind though, since the game is early access, it’s likely to be riddled with bugs. You’re essentially agreeing to be a game-tester at this stage.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Okay, we know what you’re thinking – there’s no way this game should be under “most popular”. And yet, the reviews don’t lie. Ninety-seven percent of its reviews are, according to Steam, “overwhelmingly positive”.

This chill game allows you to drive around Europe in your very own semi-truck, hauling cargo, machinery, and more. If you just want to look at the sights and relax then this game is perfect for you.

The base game is $19.99 and there are heaps of DLC options to keep the game feeling fresh & new.


Terraria is far from a new game, it was originally released in 2011, but is so well loved that it has been re-released for various platforms over & over again. The game is a 2D adventure game with randomly generated worlds, sandbox play, and online play where you can play against people or co-op.

Even better, all of Terraria’s content updates are completely free. From building your own city to becoming a warrior there are options for everyone in this game.

Terraria is a sweet $9.99 on Steam, but if you want to play with others you can purchase a four pack for $29.99, and send the extra three copies to the Steam friends you’re hoping to play with.

Destiny 2

Want something with pretty graphics, but also want an FPS? Destiny 2 delivers on both of these. Even better, the game is free to play. Now, if you get really into the game there is a substantial amount of DLC you can dump money into, but that’s up to you.

This MMO has both player versus player components as well as player versus environment play which allows for versatile experiences. It’s also an open world, which means you can bop around this sci-fi universe at your leisure.

This game is massively popular and has a whole host of famous voice actors. Have fun with that nagging “oh my gosh whose voice is that?” feeling or just search it on IMDb – the choice is yours. (We totally searched some of them – we have to be honest.)

Civilization VI

Better known as Civ 6 by hardcore fans, this video game is an amazing time-sink. If you just want to tune-out the world around you and create a new civilization from the ground up, this game is for you. While there are some simulation vibes, this game is actually a turn-based strategy game.

You pick a major historical figure to play as, and create their new civilization from the stone age to the space age, while forming alliances, trade deals, and occasionally wars with the AI players. It’s like a board game, but digital. If you become really confident you can even play against other real people online.

The base game is $59.99, and there is a lot of DLC to keep things interesting. Not that keeping the game interesting is hard when each map is different than the last, there are four different ways to win, and a myriad of difficulty levels that can drastically change your strategy. It’s no wonder this 2016 game is still so popular.

Red Dead Online

If you’re hankering for something like GTA5 online, but you don’t want to play more GTA5, then Red Dead Online is a great substitute. The gameplay feels similar since they’re both made by Rockstar, but instead of car theft & bank heists you have horse theft & train heists.

Red Dead Online has all the fun of antagonizing random players and the ability to form squads with friends (known as posses) with all the new fun of pretending to be a cowboy – or cowgirl.

Our favorite part is that you can buy Red Dead Online for only $19.99 if all you care about is playing with your friends. If you want the full solo campaign too, then you’ll need to shell out $59.99. We’ll be real with you – we only purchased the online component.

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