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Trial Osiris is a game event in multiplayer shooter 'Destiny', which appeared in part 2. Challenges open every Friday, an opportunity to get rare items.

Trials of Osiris Boost Service in Destiny 2

Trial Osiris is a game event in a multiplayer shooter Destiny, which appeared in the second part. Activity refers to PVPiscontent, players fight each other, and not against computer bots. Challenges open every Friday and take place over the weekend, providing an opportunity to get rare items (weapons, armor, materials).

Has Destiny a lot of endgame content. In each season, the developers offer unique rewards that will become unavailable at the end of the expansion. In order to have time to get all the destiny 2 trials carry service achievements and items, we suggest using the paid service Trials of Osiris carry. This is a secure service, all your items and data will remain intact.

Gameplay Trials of Osiris

Trials uses a knockout game mode. To queue up to search for a team, you must purchase a special ticket from the NPC. After three defeats, the penetration becomes invalid. And you will have to buy a ticket from the merchant again.

Battles take place on a random map. Every week there is a rotation with changing arenas. The selection of opponents is guided by your level of strength. With an impeccable passage (9 wins and 0 losses), the participants open a passage to the Lighthouse location. Inside there is a chest with various equipment:

  • Eye of Sol (Kinetic sniper rifle);
  • Stasis Linear Fusion Rifle Reed’s Regret;
  • Forgiveness (Adept) Sidearm;
  • The Messenger (Kinetic pulse rifle).

The quality of the reward depends on your success in the arena. Therefore, it is important that the test be passed flawlessly without a single defeat. And here once again it is worth recalling the possibility of ordering a boosting from professional players. If you have no experience in shooting and playing Destiny 2, getting a flawless playthrough can be a challenge. But not for these players, who over the course of many seasons have helped other users get rare and unique rewards from the chest.

Changes in Trials of Osiris

With the release of the new season, Trials of Osiris has undergone some changes.merchant now Saintsells tickets with different test pass options:

  • Passage of Mercy – this pass option forgives one defeat, making it flawless even with a score of 9-1. In this case, you do not need to reset the passage, you will still find yourself at the Lighthouse and receive a rare reward from the chest.
  • Passage of Ferocity – This pass increases the reward bonus after a series of three wins. At the end, you get significantly more items than with Passage of Mercy, but you have no room for error.
  • Passage of Wealth – Passage grants more Trials Rank after a streak of 3, 5 or 7 wins. This option is suitable for those who seek to upgrade their reputation with a merchant than to get valuable items.
  • Passage of Confidence – This passage unlocks a bonus reward at the Lighthouse. This map can only be purchased after a flawless playthrough this week. Recommended for those who like to constantly farm Trials of Osiris and confident in his abilities.

Has Trials of Osiris many unique items. It’s not possible to collect everything in one week. For extra motivation, the weekly reset sends players into the arena to get weapons and equipment with the highest level of power. But most of all, Adept.

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