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Online gambling is one of the trends of today and not everything is reduced to the classic casino. Check out these online games.

Playing Online Games and Playing Cards

Online gambling is one of the trends of today and not everything is reduced to the classic casino. This industry that is becoming more and more prosperous currently has hundreds of users who play different online games, either with cards or role-playing games and action. In both cases, the players have managed to make money out of it.

There is a huge repertoire of online games and casinos available like and Time News Pro, and all of them are posited as safe and quality options, which allow you to win real money prizes.

Online Games

Currently, online games have increased in popularity because not only do they offer fun and become a distraction from the stress of everyday life, but they also allow you to connect with new people and even generate monetary gains.

Today, talking about a popular online video game is synonymous with Fortnite. Any parent with pre-adolescent children knows this. Many times it is not understood, but Fortnite, along with another handful of online video games, has been transformed into true virtual public squares where, in addition to playing.

Besides that, the children are watching those players who professionally dedicate themselves to this activity, and of course, it is an idea that looks quite attractive to anyone.

But Fortnite is just one of the many game options out there. These new games can also be played on different types of devices and are quite varied among themselves, so it can be said that there are games for all types of audiences. 

New games have also appeared and little by little, taking into account the popular and ultra profitable model of the ‘real battles’, those where the last player standing is the winner, on maps that gradually shrink. 

Currently, the most popular online games share certain characteristics. Probably the most outstanding is that it allows the option of multiplayer, which guarantees much more fun, meeting people, and performing more exciting missions.

For example, according to some web pages, the most popular game in recent times has been Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This game is a classic, preferred by many gamers. It maintains the dynamic of forming teams and playing against each other, which is something quite attractive for the public. But apart from this, there are others that are also considered quite popular.

Here is a list of the most popular online games:

Apex Legends

In recent years this genre has become popular, usually seen as an extension of shooters (shooting games). The mechanics put the player or a team on a map with a number of opponents ranging from 60 to 100. To win, you must seek to survive as long as possible, with the ultimate goal being the last person alive.

Another common element among games of the genre is that, when thrown onto the map, you don’t have equipment or weapons with you. To equip yourself you must go to locations and get these tools, along with ammunition, protection, and items to recover health.

The title can be downloaded for free on all platforms. On Xbox One, you need an Xbox Live Gold account to play it. PS Plus is not required to use the title with the PS4. When you jump into the arena, no player will have an advantage for having spent more than another. Apex is mainly financed with cosmetic items and new characters (which you can also earn).


Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzones is the Battle Royale mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. A game mode that will allow you to fall on an island with 150 other players to see who is the last one standing. In addition to the classic Battle Royale style, Warzone also includes an additional mode called Plunder.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare owners will be able to enjoy it from the main menu, replacing the Classified section that until now occupied part of that screen. Those who do not have the game will also be able to enjoy Warzone as a free game available in the various digital stores.

Destiny 2

From the creators of Halo themselves, Destiny was one of the first sagas thought long-term. The first game (2014) was not that successful, but its sequel (2017) has been. In fact, over the years it has been amassing an interesting and extremely loyal user base that swarms in an expansive mystical sci-fi universe, where the gameplay is a first-person shooter. 

Football Manager 2020

Beyond the classic football video games, such as FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer, there is another digital variant to play football, in a more strategic and cerebral way. As its name implies, the game is a football management simulator, a saga that has been published by Sega since 2005, with deliveries every year.

Online Card Games

Card games are one of the best ways we have to spend time with the family. Surely in many family gatherings, or on special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas, you end up playing games such as poker, among many others. 

However, since those are games to play in a group, if you are alone and you want to play some cards you will not be able to play. Unless you resort to some alternatives that allow you to play these card games over the Internet with other people, or against Artificial Intelligence.

On the Internet, you can find a wide variety of online games that you can play for free from your computer, that is, without downloading or installing anything on your PC. Of course, there are a wide variety of card games to hang out with on the computer, both to play alone against the server and to play with other random people over the Internet.


The good thing about these current game options is that not only can you have fun playing but you can also earn money while you do it, both with card games and online games. Although the aforementioned online games do not have an economic purpose, many players have found a way to monetize them, either through gambling or other means. Today, online games are much more than fun!

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