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Rockstar, we want 'GTA 6' – not another 'GTA 5' update! Commiserate with these hilarious Twitter reactions.

Is ‘GTA 6’ ever coming out? Twitter users are mad at Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto 5 was a hit when it came out. The graphics were beautiful for the time and the ability to play online like an MMO was an exciting new addition to the franchise. However, GTA 5 came out in 2013. That’s a long time ago. Not only has the world of video game graphics changed drastically since then, but GTA 5 has been on so many different different consoles it’s coming for Skyrim’s champion title.

GTA 5 was originally released on the PS3 & Xbox 360 and was later offered to PS4 & Xbox One users (as well as PC gamers) – now the game is being ported to the PS5. That’s five consoles not including PC, and three generations of gaming consoles.

Fans of the franchise are understandably wondering where the heck GTA 6 is. Sure Rockstar Games made Red Dead Redemption 2, but what people really want is car theft, police evasion, and a new “wasted” sound effect to put in their viral videos. 

Gamers thought there’d be a GTA 6 announcement when Rockstar said “the biggest update ever” was coming, but it turns out that update is just more GTA 5 with a map expansion. People on Twitter are peeved.

Clowning yourself

Holding out hope for an announcement that GTA 6 is coming out is starting to feel a little embarrassing, but we’re not willing to let go yet.

Slow construction

Construction in the real world is notoriously slow going, but all GTA 5 players know this building & the fact it’s been like this since 2013. So we’re all screwed.

We were about to celebrate

Y’all teased us with this trending topic. You couldn’t have made it GTA 5 so that we didn’t get hyped over nothing? You really had to make us think GTA 6 was coming out? 😭

Not okay

Listen, we’re trying to play this off as funny, but we’re legitimately as disappointed as this guy. We don’t want a map expansion! We want a new game, Rockstar!


Okay, first of all, this guy made us feel a little old. That said, these real world events really make it clear how long we’ve been waiting to hear about GTA 6 coming out.

Let it die

All good things must end eventually, and we don’t care if there’s a bunch of sixteen-year-olds running around in GTA Online. (It’s those darn roleplayers isn’t it?) Keep the servers running, stop updating, and please let the rest of us play a new game.

Bonus points for a GTA reaction

This tweet doesn’t say anything novel or interesting, but we appreciate that someone actually used a GTA video as a reaction.

Reliving youth

By the time GTA 6 is released we’ll be playing it will be an “old person” thing to do and all the internet kids will make fun of us for it.


The way Rockstar keeps disappointing us makes us feel like GTA 6 might not feel like it was worth the wait when it eventually comes out.

Satire gold

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has a lot of satirical content in it – surely the times we currently live in are an absolute gold mine for the developers to work with?

C’mon guys, just hire all the GTA 5 mod makers to help you make GTA 6.

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