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GTA 5 has been out for almost a decade, and even great games get stale. Spice up your gameplay with these incredible mods for GTA 5 today!

Still waiting for ‘GTA 6’? Try these insane mods for ‘GTA 5’ while you wait

We know you’re dying for an update on GTA 6. You’ve had eight years of fun in GTA 5’s Los Santos, but now the city is starting to feel a little stale. GTA Online is still bringing in big money, but for some players it’s just more of the same. Well, the bad news is that GTA 6 is still just a distant promise. The good news is there are dozens of mods for GTA 5 that can completely change the game and give you an entirely new game to play.

Keep in mind: the mods are designed for the single-player GTA 5, and trying to go online with them could get you banned. For offline play, there’s no better way to get a new GTA 5 experience. Check out our list of some of the biggest, craziest mods available for GTA 5 and spice up your gaming experience today.

Complex Control

Some mods for GTA 5 add small changes like graphics updates or new weapons. Complex Control entirely overhauls the game, transforming it into a single-player battle royale. The mod also includes roguelike elements, ensuring that you’ll have a different gameplay experience every time.

Players take control of a procedurally generated character called an Avatar. Avatars have unique special abilities, and all of them have the ability to teleport. The Avatar spawns at a random location on the map, and then players have to battle NPCs in a quest for survival. If you’re looking for action-packed fun, Complex Control is the mod for you.

Open All Interiors

The Open All Interiors mod adds a stunning amount of depth to the base game. GTA 5 contains an overwhelming amount of buildings and locations. Despite the variety, many of the buildings are permanently locked and can’t actually be explored by players.

Open All Interiors changes that. It makes more-or-less every building in the entire game fully explorable. In addition to opening up the buildings, this mod adds working elevators, extra robbery locations, and interior map markers to the game. The mod really makes the world of GTA 5 feel real.


If you’re looking for mods that give you an entirely new way to play GTA 5, look no further. This mod transforms GTA 5 into a full-fledged role-playing game. Stop doing jobs for money and start doing quests for experience points.

GTA RPG adds skill trees, quest lines, and even multiple dialogue options to the game. It creates an entirely new game and story within the setting of GTA 5. Everything you love about roleplaying games combines perfectly with all the guns, cash, and violence you expect from a GTA game. This mod will get you back in the game with dozens of hours worth of new content.

GTA Vice City Remastered

You’ve been exploring Los Santos since GTA 5 first released. Why not stretch your legs and leave it behind? GTA Vice City Remastered recreates Vice City with all the graphic & gameplay power offered by GTA 5’s engine.

The classic alternate-reality 1980s Florida is waiting for your return. Everything you loved about Vice City in 2002 is brought back to life in this over-the-top mod. It’s a full port of the original game, brought into the modern era, and you can download it today.

GTA Zombies

Zombies are always a welcome addition to any game. Who doesn’t want to battle through hordes of the undead, fighting for survival with a new complication at every turn? GTA Zombies brings the undead plague to Los Santos.

The pedestrians of the city are infected with a zombie virus, and you’re one of the few remaining survivors. It’s up to you to face the horde and reclaim Los Santos for the living. In this mod, you’ll fight against waves of the undead, reaping in bigger & bigger rewards the longer you can survive. It’s bloody fun.

This list just scratches the surface of the mods available for GTA 5. What are some of your favorites? Tell us in the comments!

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