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News of 'GTA 6' has gotten fans of the franchise up in arms, but why? Learn the latest from the 'GTA 6' drama.

‘GTA 6’: Why does this release date news upset fans of the franchise?

GTA 6 has to be one of the most highly anticipated games in history. It’s been years since GTA 5 hooked gamers in what many call the best installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, if not the best game to ever hit the PS3 and the consoles of its time period. So is there any update on GTA 6?

Well, sort of. GTA 6 seems to continue popping up in the news, despite the fact we’re not getting many details about the long-awaited sequel. Furthermore, GTA 6 continues to trend on Twitter, leading many gamers to believe the buzz will never stop on the GTA 6 front. So, what’s the latest news on GTA 6?

Bad news

Well, the news. . . it ain’t good, folks. GameSpot reported this week that fans will have to wait pretty long until they know what’s going on with Trevor, Franklin, and Michael these days. That’s of course if they bring the GTA 5 boys back in the sequel, but we don’t even know that! Rockstar Games, when will you stop torturing us?

Reports say GTA 6 won’t be dropping until (wait for it) 2025. Say what? Yes, unfortunately, this is our reality, as news publications across the board continue to post this dreaded number on their headlines. However, further insight seems to point to this news being a more advanced prediction than cold hard fact.

Online leaker

The GTA 6 news comes from an online leaker who has a history of dropping video game info which often ends up being legit. The leaker in question, Tom Henderson, dropped a new video this week with some serious claims about the next installment of Grand Theft Auto. So what did Henderson dish?

Gamers who long for an even more detailed Los Santos will be disappointed to learn Henderson told his viewers GTA 6 is said to give gamers a modern-day version of Vice City. Real GTA heads will remember the massive world Rockstar Games gave its fans with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City all the way back in 2002


Vice City is based on Miami (Miami Vice, get it?), but the new version is said to take place in modern day so developers can continue to expand the online version of the game. 

Henderson’s claim goes against earlier rumors the new GTA will take place in the ‘80s. However, the location of the new game isn’t the only news Henderson gave his followers.

Henderson also discussed rumors regarding the new GTA 6 map – the word on the street predicts the game may have a constantly evolving map. Such maps have already been put into action in games like Fortnite. Again, there’s nothing telling us this will definitely happen in GTA 6, but with the predicted time for the release, a map of such detail is probable.

Sorry for the wait

Other rumors detail the possibility of multiple playable characters in GTA 6. Any fan of the series will remember when Rockstar Games brought us Michael, Trevor, and Franklin in GTA 5, all lovable & frightening in their own ways. So why will there be such a long wait for GTA 6?

Like everything else about the game, we don’t know why GTA 6 is taking so long. Of course, advanced worlds and great games take a long time to produce. However, Henderson speculates Rockstar is trying to be kinder to its employees. The people behind Red Dead Redemption 2 caught some flak for crunch-time work conditions, and some feel Rockstar is trying to remedy this kind of practice.

For now, we don’t know much about GTA 6. However, there are plenty of rumors abound for gamers to speculate with. For now, we’ll be counting down the days until 2025.

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