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Rockstar Games reports GTA Online is set to shut down in December. Does this mean 'GTA 6' will finally get released?

Does GTA Online shutting down mean GTA6’s release is coming soon?

As bubbly games like Pokémon Snap & Animal Crossing develop bigger fanbases by the day, some of us fondly remember the time when GTA reigned supreme, bringing shock back to video games. The Los Santos & Vice Cities of the video game world have been put on hold after GTA5 dropped in 2013, but fans have kept the car-jacking fun alive with online game play.

However, Rockstar Games reports GTA Online is set to shut down in December, and fans are wondering if the drop means GTA6 will finally come to the hands of fans after eight long years. Now, GTA6 is trending on Twitter as fans try to answer the question as to whether parents will be mad about video games again with another GTA. Here’s what fans are saying about the possible GTA6 release.


Gamers took to Twitter today to harp on how long they’ve been waiting for the GTA6 release. This tweet shows how any of us who’ve been waiting since 2013 feel like we’ve been hanging on standby for eight years.

Anyone who knows the ins & outs of GTA5 will get this tweet. When the GTA6 release comes, Trevor & Franklin better roll up to a finished building, not more scaffolding.

This pessimistic gamer doesn’t think the GTA6 release will come in their lifetime. Time to gear up for more waiting.

This user has a better sense of humor about waiting on the GTA6 release. We’re older now, but the wait remains the same.

How dare they

Other gamers on Twitter are simply fed up with the runaround Rockstar Games has given fans about the GTA6 release. Stop wasting our time, you sadists!

This Pinkman clip perfectly displays how gamers feel having been swindled by buzz of the GTA6 release which never seems to come. They can’t keep getting away with this, right?

This tweet shows just how we look when we hang on to the slightest hope of the GTA6 release coming anytime soon. 

Release tease

Finally, these tweets present the painful truth – GTA Online may be shutting down, but this doesn’t mean the GTA6 release is coming soon, and there’s no update on the release date. Unfortunately, we’re right where we left off with GTA5.

This user has no illusions – we’re not getting the GTA6 release any time soon.

This tweet shows what we imagine the people behind Rockstar Games look like when they see fans eagerly hoping the drop of GTA Online means GTA6 is on the way. Sorry fam, nothing is on the way yet.

For now, the GTA6 release is still a mystery, but we know GTA Online will be gone come December. What’s your favorite GTA game? Let us know in the comments below!

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