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Fans have been rabid for even the smallest sliver of 'GTA 6' information for years now. It's possible we have some new details.

When is the ‘GTA 6’ release date? There are potential new deets

Fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise have been pining away for a new game for years now. GTA 5 has been on multiple generations of gaming consoles and yet still seems to dominate the gaming space, but that doesn’t mean gamers aren’t wanting to see the next immersive iteration of the mature game series.

Rockstar Games hasn’t officially announced anything regarding GTA 6, but that doesn’t stop fans from talking about it often enough that it occasionally becomes a trending topic on Twitter.

Now, a rumor about the unconfirmed game is circulating online and people are curious about what it means for the franchise. Here’s what’s being said about GTA 6.

A potential leak

This information is unconfirmed, but sent the gaming community into a bit of a frenzy because it came from Tom Henderson. Henderson is known for being an insider of the gaming industry and a respected leaker for the Call of Duty franchise of games. Due to Henderson’s notoriety, when he came forward about possible GTA 6 information the internet was willing to listen.

According to Henderson the sixth Grand Theft Auto game is being worked on and will have a playable female protagonist – alongside a male one. That’s it, that’s currently all we know. Many assumed this meant that there would be two playable characters in the GTA 6 campaign that players would swap between since that’s a mechanic we’ve seen in previous GTA iterations.

Henderson keeps his sources anonymous, and while he has a pretty good track record of accuracy depending on the stage of production GTA 6 is in, this information could be subject to change. Others point out that this isn’t the first time this rumor has surfaced, which makes people wonder if perhaps it is true after all.

Addressing the rumors

Rockstar Games, hasn’t addressed the rumors swirling about online, but this isn’t a surprise. If they are finally working on the sixth iteration of their smash hit game they likely want everything to remain top secret until they’re ready to make a fancy release date announcement at a video game convention, or at the very least in their own time.

Honestly, it’s possible they aren’t even working on the game yet since they’ve yet to offer their ravenous fans even the slightest scrap of information. We’re fairly certain that even the tiniest bit of information implying GTA 6 is being produced would lead to a sizable internet celebration.

Still waiting

GTA 5 was released in September, 2013 – almost eight years ago. The game has remained popular due to the fact it didn’t just have a campaign, it also had an online aspect that worked much like an MMO, which people have used to mess around, roleplay, and entertain audiences on YouTube & Twitch.

However, people are getting tired of the wait. GTA 5 was a hit for its stunning graphics for the time, impressive map, and of course countless possible shenanigans. Now, people are dying to know what GTA 6 could look like. 

Game graphics alone have improved a stunning amount since 2013, the possibilities for the next open map Rockstar game are tantalizing. We all just want to round up our gaming buddies and run willy nilly in a new city with flashy cars – is that really so much to ask? In the meantime, fans will continue to make memes lamenting the long wait for a GTA 6 release date.

What do you think of the leak? Do you think it’s true? Are you excited about the potential prospect of GTA’s first female protagonist? Let us know in the comments below!

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