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Florida is one of the top vacation spots in the world, and with the pandemic dying down, travel plans are back on the table. See these great destinations!

Bored of Florida? Travel to these underrated cities in the sunshine state

With pandemic restrictions finally beginning to lift across the U.S., travel plans are back on the table, and few destinations are as enticing as Florida. There are countless reasons to visit the Sunshine State, from its warm climate to its beautiful beaches and exciting nightlife. Florida is one of the top travel destinations in the world. 

Because of that, you probably know all the major “hot spot” destinations to see in the state. Maybe you’ve already been through Tampa, Miami, and Long Beach – or been on a pilgrimage to see Mickey Mouse in Kissimmee, near Orlando. If you’re looking to travel this summer, you should check out some of the underrated destinations in Florida. Don’t worry about seeking them out yourself, we’ve got you covered. 

From the lively Cuban influence in Miami to the artistic flair of St. Petersburg and Naples art galleries, each city has its own unique charm, contributing to the overall cultural tapestry of Florida. 


With a population of less than three thousand people, Apalachicola isn’t typically the first place you think about when you envision Florida. Most people miss out on this idyllic fishing town when they tour through the state. Apalachicola is perfect for anyone looking for a quiet getaway with amazing views and historic appeal.

There are over 900 different historic buildings in Apalachicola, so history buffs will want to make sure they spend at least a day getting to look around. The town is supported by its fishing industry, so you won’t find fresher seafood anywhere else. If you want, you can rent a kayak and travel the waters surrounding this fishing village in the north of Florida. 


For one of the best views of the Gulf of Mexico you’ll ever experience, travel to Naples, Florida. The town is known for its beaches which are filled with sand so fine & white it’s often likened to sugar. 

Two of the biggest hotspots in Naples are the Botanical Garden & the Naples Pier. The Naple Botanical Garden is a 170 acre plot of land dedicated to celebrating the beauty of tropical plant life. At the Naples Pier you can hop aboard a boat tour for some breathtaking views of the Gulf. 


Dunedin is sadly easy to miss when you’re traveling to Florida. Most people are so caught up in the busy life of Tampa that they never notice this little town just an hour away. Dunedin has something for every kind of traveler. 

For those looking for artsy town life, Dunedin has a plethora of antique shops and art galleries. It’s also the home of Florida’s oldest brewery, so be prepared to sample some of the best beer of your life. For the outdoorsy types, Dunedin is minutes away from both Caladesi Island State Park & Honeymoon Island State Park. Move over, Tampa, because it doesn’t get better than this. 

St. Augustine

On the northeastern coast of the sunshine state is the oldest city in America. St. Augustine has all the peace & beauty you would expect from a quiet coastal town, but its streets are also packed to the gills with history. Daily tours through the town show off its impressive architecture, inspired by the first Spaniards to step foot in Florida. 

There are a number of historic landmarks you’ll want to see if you’re travelling through St. Augustine. Castillo de San Marcos National Monument is the oldest masonry fort in the U.S. What was once the Alcazar Hotel is now the Lightner Museum of Antiquities. It is one of the most unbelievably beautiful buildings ever constructed.


Most people travel to Florida for the beaches, but the state’s inland cities have just as much to offer as its coastal towns. Gainesville, Florida is considered the “nature capital” of the state. It’s located just north of Orange Lake and the Grove Park Wildlife Management Area. 

When you aren’t exploring the beautiful wilderness surrounding Gainesville, the town has plenty within it to keep you entertained. Gainesville is the home of the Florida Museum of Natural History, which includes the famous Butterfly Rainforest. You can also find the Harn Museum of Art, home of an impressive collective of Asian and West African artistic works. 

What is your favorite place to travel in sunny Florida? Tell us down in the comments!

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