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Why did Twitter cancel Kaceytron? Delve into the controversy surrounding this Twitch gamer and the footage stirring up outrage.

Who is Kaceytron? Meet the latest Twitch streamer cancelled by Twitter

Kaceytron is a popular gamer and Twitch streamer most notably known for her participation in the online games World of Warcraft and League of Legends at the highest levels. She has approximately 560,000 followers on Twitch, 136,000 followers on Twitter, and 82,000 followers on YouTube. Kaceytron is kind of a big deal. 

This week, the streamer has landed herself in the middle of controversy. Kaceytron took to Twitter to justify her behavior and clear up the allegations against her. Despite this, Twitter’s cancel culture sank its teeth into the popular gamer, calling for her cancellation. 

Kaceytron is being accused of using the n-word during a livestream and a public witch hunt has effectively ensued. Kaceytron denies these allegations, stating those who are accusing her misheard her actual words. Here’s everything we know about Kaceytron and her latest scandal. 

New allegations

During a marathon live stream that Kaceytron did on Halloween in 2020 she is dressed as a witch (possibly Elphaba from Wicked), is donning a mask and is out & about for Halloween celebrations. The alleged incident occurs in the video at around the four-hour mark. However, there’s a lot going on in the video at that time.  

The girls are outside and there are people talking all around them. On top of this they’re playing loud rap music and dancing in the street, singing away with the lyrics. People claim that during this moment in the live stream, Kaceytron let the n-word fly. In the audio of the video it does sound like Kaceytron used the word clearly. 

The clarification 

The clip is nearly five months old now, so it’s unclear as to why this is just coming to light now. However, Kaceytron took to Twitter on Friday to provide her version of the events and set the record straight. Despite what can be heard on the audio, Kaceytron vehemently denied she used the n-word. 

“There’s a clip of my surfacing where it SOUNDS like I am saying the N-Word. I FULLY understand that it SOUNDS like I am saying it. However, I am not. This isn’t the first time in twitch history someone has said something that started with an “N” and is misheard as the N-word.”

The streamer reiterated what was depicted in the live stream and said she was actually singing the lyrics to a song. According to Kaceytron, the lyrics to this particular song don’t include that word. 

“I was singing along to “Hood Go Crazy” by Tech9… the lyric is actually ‘Kansas City natives and we’re all a little kookoo’… why would I say it when it’s not even the word? I’m also wearing a mask, making it more unclear of what I said… not to mention it’s 2020.”

Kaceytron was criticized during the live stream as well and denied using the word at that time too.

“It happened around the 4hr mark, legit for probably the next 3 hours of my stream I am re-iterating that I didn’t say it RIGHT AFTER IT HAPPENED… I ended up having to take a break from my stream I was so upset.”


Despite Kaceytron’s efforts to clarify the incident, the Twitterverse just isn’t having it. People have taken to the comments section of her tweets to challenge her clarification. Some users have even slowed down the audio of that part of her live stream, claiming that the slower version clearly shows her using the slur. 

This is one of the accounts that slowed down the audio. Kaceytron claims she was saying “natives”, but based on this, many disagree. 

What do you think? Is Kaceytron guilty of using the slur and trying to backpedal on her actions? Or are people racking her over the coals for nothing? Drop us a comment and let us know!

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