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Starting with the Dragonflight update for 'World of Warcraft', you may want to find a guide by an inscriber. Here's the article for you!

Guide by profession Inscriber in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

World of Warcraft is not only unofficially the most popular MMO in the history of gaming, but also a project with a huge range of alternative activities besides farming and fighting other players.

WoW has its own interesting profession mechanics, which is needed so that players can fill the server economy with useful goods, earn gold, be useful and unique craftsmen, and, in principle, do interesting things.

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Who is the Inscriber in World of Warcraft

The Scribe is a character who is engaged in the production of scrolls. Useful items that are in WoW require a recipe – a scroll describing the creation procedure.

Thanks to this, the Scribe always has his own gold and can create staves, equipment for artisans, production scrolls, reputation contracts and much more.


Starting with the Dragonflight update for World of Warcraft, all artisans who collect resources or produce items and goods have received an updated and informative interface with a detailed description and simplification of interaction at all stages of working with resources.

What has changed in the interface:

  • You see a complete list of possible items to create and the requirements for them.
  • All events that occur during crafting and processing are accompanied by sound and visual accompaniment.
  • Resource recommendations – the system suggests what materials can be used to improve the quality of the finished product and increase the chance to create a masterpiece.


Now, starting with the Dragonflight update, specializations have been added to all players who are engaged in crafting – special branches in the development of a profession that can significantly improve the production of a certain category of goods.

The inscriber can master everything from the four available specializations, but the available knowledge points are enough to fully cover only one direction. In the future, quests with a rollback of seven days will be available to you, which will bring new knowledge points and gradually you will be able to learn all types of specializations and become a universal master of your profession.

Knowledge points are obtained for the first craft of any item available in your interface.

You can choose one of the following specializations:

  • Ink manufacturer – allows you to significantly improve the quality of the goods produced.
  • Production of Dark Moon Decks.
  • Producer of Draconic tracts, runes and other useful consumables in bulk.
  • Create high quality magic staves and tools for craftsmen with a high chance.

Characteristics for Artisans and Gatherers

In the Dragonflight update, the developers at Blizzard Entertainment have added their own special characteristics to all representatives of the professions for collecting resources and producing useful goods.

Stats are parameters that directly affect the craft and can be further enhanced by special equipment, which we will discuss in the next section.

The characteristics of artisans and gatherers are slightly different, and since our guide is about the Scribe, its main parameters are as follows:

Overproduction is a parameter that makes it possible to create much more goods than was originally in the recipe and spend the resources planned in advance.

Mindfulness is a skill that allows you to increase the overall level of the craft with a certain chance, and thereby increase the likelihood of creating items of the highest quality.

Resourcefulness is a parameter that allows you to spend much less resources than required by the recipe in advance.

Speed is a skill that allows you to process and use materials for production faster.

When any of these parameters is triggered, you will be notified by a visual effect and sound.

Of course, you yourself are free to choose which characteristic to focus on, but by collecting all three basic items of equipment for the artisan, you will significantly increase each of them. It’s worth starting with resourcefulness and attentiveness, then overproduction, and then build up speed.

The fact is that at the initial level you will have a limited supply of resources and bags for the accumulation of materials, so the less you spend, the more you earn on improvements and increase your profession parameter. Mindfulness will significantly improve the quality of your items and speed up character development. Overproduction is just a nice and useful bonus, and speed affects the number of goods per minute, but in the early stages this will not play an important role due to limited resources.

Craft equipment

In the Dragonflight update, the developers have added special equipment to World of Warcraft, similar to sets for the main characters.

Items increase the basic characteristics of the master of the profession and have a different quality that affects the number of bonuses.

Two important points about equipment:

  1. No artisan can create special equipment for himself – it must be bought in normal quality, or ordered through the order table from the appropriate masters.
  2. Equipment does not require timely putting on the character. The system itself determines the presence of any useful items during the start of work and puts it on the hero if available and takes it off when the work is completed. It is important that the items are in the inventory – the warehouse does not count.

To significantly strengthen your character as an Inscriber, you need to buy or order crafting the following items:

Magnifying glass for left-handers – increases the skill of resourcefulness and production speed, crafted by a jeweler, can be bought on the marketplace.

Unique Enhancer – Increases similar skills by a double factor and gives an increase to the Inscription skill. It is possible to request crafting at the order table since the item immediately becomes personal and cannot be transferred.

Motley bifocals – increase the skills of inspiration and overproduction. Created by jewelers, you can buy.

Colorful trifocal glasses – increase similar skills in an increased equivalent, can be crafted through the table of orders from jewelers, becomes a personal item and give an increase to the Inscription skill.

Durable Scribe’s Pen – Increases one random parameter by 52 and gives an increase of 6 to the overall Inscription skill. Created by the Inscriber himself.

Magnificent Scribe’s Pen – Increases one random parameter by 131 and gives an increase of 10 to the overall Inscription skill. Created by the Inscriber himself and becomes a personal item.

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