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Twitch streamer Ludwig is taking his stream to the next level: the infinity stream! Enjoy the best memes about Ludwig as his subathon chugs on.

Ludwig: All the memes to honor the neverending Twitch livestream

Twitch streamer Ludwig is taking his stream to the next level: the infinity stream! Starting over three days ago and still going strong, the man has launched a subathon which gives his viewers the power to control how long the stream stays alive. Each sub adds to a timer which dictates how much longer he must stay on the live stream. 

The timer only seems to be going up & up as viewers flock to watch Lugwig pull off the wacky stunt, even while he’s sleeping, eating, and doing random activities throughout his days. As we write this Ludwig’s clock is at over fifty-seven hours. We at Film Daily have but one question: when will it end

The internet is having a heyday with the eternal stream, and we can’t get enough of his silly antics. Here are some of the best memes about Ludwig to enjoy as his subathon chugs on.

The look of a man in disbelief from LudwigAhgren

How can this be?

You’d think his time would just go down when he was sleeping on cam, but nope. His subbers will not hold back.

Losing hair

Who knows how long he’ll be on stream? Perhaps he’ll lose all of his hair by the time it’s over.

Sub cycle

This is a breakdown of Ludwig’s eternal life now. Repeat. Repeat.

Sub stadium

Currently Ludwig has reached 66,000 viewers. To get a picture of just how many people are watching him, imagine a stadium this size. 

The Ludwig Show

Is Ludwig’s stream just a modern version of The Truman Show?! At least he’s consenting to being on cam, but still – it’s out of his control!

Jesus… how much money doy you all have from LudwigAhgren

Chat evolution

No one should give the chat so much control. The stream may be idle & boring from time to time, but it’s still prime background entertainment

The subathon isn’t a phase mom from LudwigAhgren

Angsty Ludwig

Ludwig has had many interesting faces & looks on screen but this one really takes the cake. The subathon won’t be just a phase if the chat has anything to do about it. 

Ludwig’s life right now from LudwigAhgren

Press the button!

Ludwig is definitely rolling in it at this point, but at what cost?

Ludwig when he wakes up to a longer timer every time. from LudwigAhgren

Dry your tears

You did this to yourself Ludwig! Enjoy the oodles of cash.

How Ludwig feels about this subathon from LudwigAhgren

Gift-sub monsters

The more subs gifted, the more time gets added to Ludwig’s timer. Good luck ever making that go down when randos are throwing money at you willy-nilly.

It’s been 84 years. from LudwigAhgren

We’re still laughing

The number just keeps getting funnier. RIP to your personal life Ludwig. 

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