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With the pandemic coming to a close, many people feel like visiting unique places. Check out some great dine-in movie theaters across the nation!

Dine-in movie theaters: Take your experience to the next level at these locations

Stories put us in the minds of other people. Strangers we’ve never met and usually will never meet can speak to us, sometimes from distant places and time spans, thanks to fiction. Movies are no exception, and since everybody has to eat, dine-in movie theaters are a treasure.

With the pandemic soon coming to a close, many people are going to feel like celebrating. Movie night would’ve been at home but now, we can go out again and sometimes, popcorn just doesn’t cut it. 

These are just some of the great dine-in movie theaters across the nation!


Living in nine different states including California & New York, iPic’s menu is dangerously close to their decor. In this dine-in movie theater, it seems like there’s just something for everyone – from the farm to the table, vegan friendly, even keto recipes dress their menu.

You could order the traditional movie candy, but you’ll never be forced to. With your cocktail, you could have a lobster, spicy tuna with crispy rice, or green goddess turkey burgers – whatever you wish!

With all their locations, these dine-in movie theaters would make a nice road trip stop.

Living Room Theaters

For the citizens of Portland, Oregon and Boca Raton, Florida, and all the travelers and rain watchers who flock there, comes the Living Room Theaters. Even better: these dine-in gems boast cheaper prices than most of the other big-time theaters in the country. 

They’re known for their home ambiance but play a select few mainstream films. They do, however, pull out the red carpet for indie films. The locals can submit their films to be played on the big screen as well!

From their beers & wines to their meatballs and the amazing choices sitting on their charcuterie boards, this dine-in movie theater may just give you a very unique experience.

AMC Theaters

Full of fresh ingredients and hand-made dishes, AMC dine-in movie theaters make it hard not to feel at home. You’ll be watching blockbuster hits while feasting on an Asian Steak & Shrimp bowl with jumbo shrimp, a chipotle chicken melt, warm brownie sundae, or chocolate hazel-nut churros. 

Their menu is full and they’re loaded across the U.S.

Nitehawk Cinema

They may be young but they’ve definitely made a name for themselves. They screen the very latest Hollywood offerings and serve niche-movie fans with things like cult-classic screenings and filmmaker Q&A sessions. 

How does sweet potato hash with a mimosa sound? From brunch, dinner, to even late-night, there’s something for the whole family. 

Showcase Superlux Cinema

In Newton, Massachusetts, you’ll find crab cakes, avocado toast, hot pizza of roasted garlic, sliced tomatoes, basil, mozzarella mixed with parmesan cheese all caught in the basil oil rain, maybe with a mango lime cooler.

Have the sweet & spicy panko fried chicken doused in sweet Thai chili glaze. You could even just settle for the classic milk & cookies if you want. 

Just make sure you immerse yourself in the movie, too!

Commodore Theatre

This historic dine-in movie theater in Portsmouth, Virginia has only one screen, making the experience very unique. 

In this fine, lush theater, they’ll seat you at a table where you’ll pick up a phone, dial the kitchen, and ring in your order.

You could choose from a soft meal like smoked sausage accompanied by a dinner roll & mustard or a homemade pizza. Have one of their many sandwiches such as chicken salad, barbeque beef, or cheese with pineapple & tomatoes. 

With your mind on the movie, have a hot caramel Granny apple pie nestled in vanilla ice cream or a key lime pie.

Movies & dining are like peanut butter & jelly, so bring them together! Know of any other places? Drop them off in the comments!

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