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Don't have the time to pick this weekend's Netflix binge? Don't worry, we got you! Check out how to get these Netflix secret codes for optimal watching.

Netflix has secret codes: These will improve your binge watch

As we binge away the midnight hours on our favorite, all-consuming Netflix series, one thought comes to mind: how can we do more of this? There are countless TV series, movies, and documentaries littering the libraries of Netflix, making it difficult to sift out the gems we want to watch on repeat. 

The problem seems to be that we see the same old content on Netflix’s main page, day after day, with no real interest sparking that love connection between a person & fictional escape. But never fear, your binge-watching efficiency is set to skyrocket with a few tricks & tips to lodge up your sleeve. Here are some hacks to customize your binging experience. 

If you’re one of those individuals saddled with excess time, insomnia, small children, or the desperate need for escapism, chances are you’ve worked your way through many-a Netflix series in your day. 

Sometimes that helps your chances of finding new content because little things like rating the content you’ve already seen will give you more accurate recommendations for new titles. But then, there are the sorry days of Netflix doldrums where you run across the old fridge query: Why are there so many shows on Netflix, and nothing to watch

Everything highlighted to you on your Netflix main page comes from the recommendations based on your past watches. For instance, when you watch a K-drama on Netflix once, the main page will be flooded with Korean titles until the day you die. There are times we need some fresh content and we don’t have eternity and a day to scroll through the giant labyrinth of B-movies to get to it. 

Enter Netflix secret codes.

We say secret codes like they’re primed to set off doomsday missiles, but these bad boys are really more of a “secret menu” hack that fortunately doesn’t serve to also infuriate a legion of baristas. 

Secret codes are designed to make your search experience on Netflix enjoyable and to ease the burden of carpal tunnel syndrome plaguing the age of technology. There are thousands of codes to pinpoint more specific genres to your taste.

You can access niche genres like spiritual documentaries, for those wanting mix fact and fiction, deep-sea horror movies, for anyone who thinks they’re getting too much sleep, country & western/folk, for the cowboy in all of us, and steamy romantic movies for anyone who’s been in quarantine way too long. 

The codes aren’t available to use on phones, NOW TV boxes, or the Amazon Firestick. A website like will reveal the specific three to five-digit codes that you can plug after the following address: visit each specific genre’s webpage. 

It’s a tough job, solving first-world problems – but someone’s gotta do it. Use the power of these codes responsibly and maybe try to get some sun every once in a while.

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