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Looking for a date for Valentine's Day? Facebook might be able to help. See if their newest app can help you find true love right here.

A Facebook dating app? Dive into Facebook’s newest, strangest feature

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If you spend enough time in any one social network, odds are you are bound to start saying how you really feel about something — or someone. Admit it, who among us hasn’t tried to slide into someone’s Messenger or DMs? Facebook knows you have, and has since jumped into the dating app game with Facebook Dating to better facilitate that. 

Does Mark Zuckerberg make a good matchmaker? Let’s take a look at the details.

Getting started

As Facebook Dating is already Facebook, one will be pleased to know they don’t have to create a separate account. They do have to have the mobile app installed on their iOS or Android in order to use the dating app. As of writing, there’s no desktop version.

The interface resembles most of Facebook, so much so that you may end up back on your newsfeed if you don’t pay attention. Tinder-style swiping through potential dates will keep you focused, however, with a big heart or X within a finger’s reach. The Second Look feature allows you to do just that on a potential date you passed on earlier.

How it works

Tapping on a profile opens up more information about your prospect in the same way as Match, allowing you to scroll through pictures and their answers to personality questions. Being Facebook, you can also take a look at selections of their Instagram feed.

Once you’ve made a first match, messages can be sent in a form more limited than Facebook’s Messenger. Links, money, photos, or videos are unavailable to maintain safety from the more inappropriate side of dating apps. GIFs are readily available though, alongside emoji & text.

Plus, for added safety, you can indeed use Messenger to send details of your upcoming date to a designated friend that you trust.

Special features

Other dating apps offer enticing special features that seem to be expensive on purpose. Luckily Facebook is also aware of this and has its own set of features that can only come from a place like Facebook. That is, if you aren’t shy. You can see more people than those in the same Facebook groups as you, and the events you attend can also be searched for potential dates.

If you were looking for the perfect excuse to date one of your friends without being awkward, Facebook Dating also has a special feature called Secret Crush. All you have to do is mark up to nine Facebook Friends you’re romantically interested in and wait until they match with you.

Privacy questions

After the PR nightmare that was the Cambridge Analytica scandal, privacy concerns were front & center upon the announcement of Facebook Dating. European Union regulators were tasked with reviewing the dating app’s security measures before the app was even cleared for launch, causing a rare delay. However, Facebook maintains that the profile used on Dating is separate from the rest of Facebook.

Sure, the app may already know basic details about your location, schooling, and job. Luckily, you can change these answers after the fact. However, you cannot change your name from what it already is on Facebook which history has shown can range from inconvenient to downright dangerous.

The dating app’s algorithm may already know your sexual preference and factor it in from the jump. However, you are able to select your desirable age range, education level, height, distance, spoken language, and religion. It is also possible to specify whether you are fine with potential partners already having children of their own. Beyond that, your privacy on Facebook is as much in your hands as any dating app before it ever allowed.

The bottom line

As a whole, Facebook Dating is ultimately what you make of it. While in quarantine, how much more info about someone could you possibly ask for, especially from a dating app that’s free?

Do you think you would give Facebook Dating a try? Let us know in the comments!

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