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Send your love something light hearted with one of these Valentine's Day meme cards. If they like it, they're definitely a keeper.

Get memey with your love: The best Valentine’s Day card memes

Whether it be a $15 dollar box of chocolates, a dozen red roses bought from a tent that rests at the corner of a sketchy street, or a heart-o-gram written by your mom, there’s nothing quite like the fun cliches of Valentine’s Day. Man, it really does feel like the only holiday that doesn’t seem to evolve! 

We plow through endless bags of Sweethearts, we allow our significant others to choose which Garry Marshall film we’ll sit through with our weighted blankets, and we opt to spend $30 above market value for a single lobster tail. The point is, Valentine’s Day is way too expensive, even if it’s out of love. Luckily, there’s one fun Valentine’s Day activity that’s free . . . looking at Valentine’s Day memes! 

From goofy Valentine’s Day cards to other recognizable cliches, these Valentine’s Day memes are all appropriate for that one special day each year where you can finally use up the rest of your Christmas scented candles & spiced oils that your weird uncle gave you. Here are some of the best Valentine’s Day card memes. 

Discount Day

Four for the price of one! While somewhat inappropriate, you cannot deny the cleverness of these Valentine’s Day memes. 

4/20 > 2/14

We all have our cherished holidays . . . why argue when we can just enjoy them all! 

Love is magical

Dumbledore’s sexual orientation is still widely debated, we get it. Let’s just wait till it’s confirmed in the third Fantastic Beasts movie that none of us actually care about.  

Falling in love

There are a lot of Valentine’s Day activities that can take place on the ground, after all. 

Hot passion

We won’t get too spicy here with our Valentine’s Day puns . . . the card does the work for us. 

Love can conquer an ARMY

BTS will surely assist in melting the heart of your love. Heck, they may just steal their heart in the process, so be careful! 

Love is animated

This for real looks like the Target cards we used to pick out as kids. 

Berning love

We all knew this was coming . . . no way Bernie Sanders was going to miss out on Valentine’s Day memes.  

Being a good Kourt about it

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone. Regardless, just suck it up for a day and take part in all of the odd yet cherished traditions, even if it means being a b!&$% every step of the way!

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