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Don't have a boo to spend this upcoming February 14th with? Celebrate with us instead and laugh along at these Valentine's Day jokes here.

Make your partner laugh with these hilarious Valentine’s Day jokes

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many people are in a frenzy trying to figure out exactly how to celebrate. And, while we’re not V-Day experts, we do know humor is one to charm someone’s heart. Here are the most hilarious Valentine’s Day jokes to share with your partner. 

Puns for days 

When it comes to humor, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with a good old pun. This adorable Valentine’s Day joke riffs on the word “peas”, and we’re pretty much dying at how adorable it is!

Something sweet

And here we have yet another superb joke that takes food puns to the next level. Share this with your partner for all of the laughs.


Okay, this one is awesomely corny, and we’re absolutely here for it. So share this joke with your partner and don’t forget to party hearty!

One for the single people

Single folk – don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you! We know this day can be tough when you don’t have someone special to share V-Day jokes with and we totally sympathize. This meme hilariously encapsulates the feeling of half-expecting gifts on Valentine’s Day even though you’ve been single for a while. That’s it . . . laugh through the pain . . . 

A good man is hard to find

Here’s another one for all the single ladies & lads out there. It can totally feel like you’re dying of old age as you wait for the perfect partner to roll around . . . so whoever came up with this meme is basically a genius. 

I love you with all my lungs

This joke is great because it puts a pretty hilarious picture in our heads. Imagine if lungs were the symbol of love? Valentine’s Day probably wouldn’t be such a popular holiday . . . 

Natural selection of love

For those of you who particularly enjoyed history class, this is the perfect joke for you. This graphic that shows Charles Darwin saying “i naturally select you” is perfect for a good laugh with your history-buff partner. 

Treat yo self!

If you don’t have a boo this Valentine’s Day, why not buy yourself the flowers & chocolates? This funny meme is definitely how we’d react pretending that someone else had bought us those gifts on V Day.

Assistant Regional Manager of my heart

For all of you die-hard fans of The Office out there, we have the perfect Dwight Schrute meme for you. This graphic, which shows Schrute kindly saying: “I’d let you be the assistant to my regional manager” is actually one of the kindest and most loving gestures we can think of . . .


Perpetually single

And those of you single folk, here’s yet another one for you. We know, this is how it feels waiting for someone to call you on V-Day sometimes. But, your day will come! And, until then, we totally know how you feel. You’re not alone!

How to tell if someone is single

This is less of a joke, but we thought it was worth sharing, anyway. This photo shows someone’s passenger’s seat door filled with cobwebs and it’s basically hysterical. 

Smiling through the pain

Did you make it through this list of Valentine’s Day jokes and laugh despite the fact that you’re still single? You should get a medal for your bravery . . . 

Did you enjoy these Valentine’s Day jokes? Let us know below.

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