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Diversity in Hollywood is an ongoing struggle. Discover why the writers room is crucial to enacting change.

The 16th annual LA Femme Film Festival concluded over the weekend; here is a list of all the talented winners.

The Women On The Dark Side has always been a highlight panel at conventions. Now, the ladies behind the panel are taking it to the film festival world.

Gender equality has been a hot topic for women in film. Prominent male industry figures continue to get named and shamed for sexual misconduct.

Rather than simply sitting back and despairing, female film organizations have launched to encourage women both in before and behind the lens.

A recent study published by USC from the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative has discovered something we probably all knew but that hadn’t yet been confirmed – movie critics are

After a year in which women of Hollywood have stood up against gender disparity in the industry and announced that Time’s Up on the boy’s club of cinema,

Devoted to showcasing, supporting, and inspiring the creation of films produced, directed, and written by women of color, the Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival and Lecture

This week’s FutureFemme delivers a bevy of good news across the board: whole new television series, corporate ascendancies, and TARDIS takeovers. Despite scads of difficult news pouring out