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We’re here to look at the best nail worship scenes that have slipped their way into our favorite shows and movies over the years.

Considering how popular superheroes have been since the 80s, it’s surprising a Black Panther movie didn't happen until 2018. So why did it take so long?

Rather than trash-talking the new 'Hellboy' remake, we’re here to celebrate the greatness of the story's previous visionary, Guillermo del Toro.

'Cut Throat City' is a heist movie set in the lower ninth ward in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Directed by RZA and written by Paul Cuschieri, 'Cut Throat

To show our appreciation and to mark the forthcoming Dracula Day (May 26), we’re rolling with these erotic feels by highlighting the movie vampires that are hornier than

This week Marvel announced its ever-expanding universe is set to introduce a brand new film in the shape of Muslim superhero Ms. Marvel. In celebration, here’s a ranking

'The Crow' film series hit Hulu yesterday, bringing the franchise to the eyes of adoring fans and new audiences alike. So smoke out those eyes, put on your

In celebration of the new vampire hit (and the return of Somerhalder to the genre), we’ve ranked the 26 best vampire TV shows and movies of all time

Whether he’s making the movies himself or working on them behind the scenes, there’s no question del Toro has the magic touch when it comes to genre movies.