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Keith Raniere is facing a possible life sentence for his crimes in the NXIVM cult. Does he feel remorse for what he did?

India Oxenberg has shared intimate details about Allison Mack's role in NXIVM. Here's everything to know about what went on in the secret society.

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HBO's 'The Vow' exposed secrets about the NXIVM cult even it's members didn't know about. Why were they so blind?

‘The Vow’ is returning for a second season on HBO. Find out what the documentary series will reveal about NXIVM.

Many victims have walked away from NXIVM's sex cult with trauma. India Oxenberg shed light on what NXIVM branding was like for members of the DOS.

Lawsuits from previous NXIVM cult members continue to rain down on the corrupted organization. Here's everything to know about the class action lawsuits.

NXIVM leader Allison Mack is awaiting her sentence – but that's not keeping her from taking classes. Here's what her fellow classmates think about her.