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As the internet continues to obsess over 'The Untamed' (and us too), we just want to remember the other great BL dramas out there to enjoy.

If you haven't fallen down the boy love drama hole yet, we have the perfect show for you to start with. Here's the basics on '2gether: The Series'.

All you have to do is watch 'TharnType', the Thai romantic drama that will melt your heart. Here are all the best 'TharnType' quotes.

So, why will Thai series 'Endless Love' from 2019 have you head over heels? Here's why 'Endless Love' needs to be on your watchlist.

'The Ugly Duckling' Thai drama series is a fun take on the fables & fairytales that taught us beauty is only skin deep. Here are other Thai romance

'Oh My Ghost' is a miniseries with a complicated plotline. There are two different versions with the same plotline. Let's find out which to watch.

Why R U? The Series may be a hot mess, but the couples are cute and shippable. So let's introduce you to your new favorite Thai drama.