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So, why will Thai series 'Endless Love' from 2019 have you head over heels? Here's why 'Endless Love' needs to be on your watchlist.

A dramatic romance: ‘Endless Love’ will have you swooning

There are a lot of different shows with the title Endless Love, but this article is about the Thai show from 2019. This Thai show is based on a Taiwanese series also called Endless Love from 2010, however, there are a lot of other shows with the name which are entirely unrelated to these two.

So, why will this Thai series from 2019 have you head over heels? It’s an extremely dramatic story which will have you breathless from start to finish. Endless Love is about two characters named Day and Min. The two fall in love despite the vast social differences and become engaged.

This is just the beginning of the story though – their relationship is put into jeopardy when Day discovers the person who killed his mother in a hit and run is Min’s father. The death of Day’s mother also caused his father to commit suicide on the day of Min and Day’s wedding ceremony.

Day decides to disappear rather than confront the discovery he has made. Years later Min is forced to either move on or attempt to save their relationship.

Show details

The show originally aired in 2019 from the dates of August eleventh to November seventeenth with a total of fifteen episodes. Each episode is approximately fifty minutes long and aired on the network GMM 25. The show is supposedly rated ‘G’ for all ages, however, the synopsis doesn’t sound like family-friendly subject matter.

Actor Thanat Lowkhunsombat plays Day and actress Violette Wautier plays Min. Endless love was directed by Ekkasit Trakulkasemsuk.


MyDramaList reports the show as having an overall 7.7 rating out of ten from 221 reviews. Some people have said the show is even better than the Taiwanese version and they have every intention of rewatching the 2019 remake of Endless Love over again.

Others have found the show difficult to watch because there is so much suffering, which makes it difficult to create an ending which fully heals the pain the show has caused viewers. On the other hand, this is a melodrama so suffering and crazy circumstances should be expected. Those who didn’t like the plot likely aren’t fans of melodrama in general.

Those who appear to be bigger fans of melodrama as a genre seem to find Endless Love to be a great series, and were more than happy with the ending too – though they do warn you’ll likely need a box of tissues at the ready because there is definitely heartbreak.

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