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All you have to do is watch 'TharnType', the Thai romantic drama that will melt your heart. Here are all the best 'TharnType' quotes.

Missing ‘TharnType’? Here are all the best quotes to live your life by

Have you ever been brought to tears by something so adorable you couldn’t bear it? Well if you’d like to let it all out, all you have to do is watch TharnType, the Thai romantic drama that will melt your heart. 

TharnType is about two college roommates, Tharn & Type, who immediately butt heads. Why? Oh, because Type is an in-the-closet homophobe and Tharn is extremely hot & openly gay. Forced to share a tight space together, these two form one of the most dramatic & heartwarming bonds of all time. 

The intensity of these two silly, emotive boys can charm anyone who watches. Sometimes you wish you could have a touch of their melodrama in your own life. Just look at some of the endearing quotes in TharnType and you’ll wish someone said this to you

“But you already know that I’ve always been yours.”

It takes a while for Tharn & Type to finally share a touching moment like this where they declare themselves bound to each other. But when these moments do come together, the writing does not disappoint. Tharn is renowned for having perfectly romantic lines like this one. These boys fall so hard for each other. 

“How does me being gay have anything to do with you?” 

When Tharn & Type have some of their preliminary confrontations, Tharn doesn’t back down at all about being openly gay. He will never let his identity be smeared simply because someone has prejudice. Thank goodness he stands his ground – otherwise, Type may still have been locked away in that big gay closet of his. 

“The war has begun.” 

Not only does Tharn not back down, but he also fights back. If Type is going to make his life hard because he doesn’t like that Tharn is openly gay, he’s not just going to be pushed around. Nor should anyone who is facing prejudice. 

We can’t guarantee that if you stand up against prejudice you will get a cute boyfriend, but in TharnType that’s certainly how it works.  

“I hate you so much I don’t even want to breathe the same air as you.”

Sure, Type has had some pretty vicious lines that are extremely hurtful – but you can’t deny that his seething words are pretty great. This line is definitely one to put in your pocket for the next time you want to express hate to the person you love. Did that come out right? Yes, yes it did.   

“You’ll get infected with narrow-minded disease.” 

Another zinger from Type. Definitely going to start cautioning people about “narrow-minded” disease now. It may be more contagious than we think. 

“Years pass by but you will always be important to me.” 

Did I mention that Than has incredibly romantic lines? This boy has such a big heart – why does he constantly have to make us cry? Type – don’t you dare hurt Than! (Brace yourself – Type does hurt him. A lot. Pretty much constantly.)

-“Are you okay?”
-“I’m fucking fine!” 

Type’s spitfire anger is actually adorable & hilarious. His emotional lines just prove that he is a complete tsundere. This is definitely the way to respond to “Are you okay” when you’re clearly not. Just try it! 

-“I mean well for both of you.”
-“Mean well my ass!”

You guessed it – this is another one from Type. He may not be one to handle his emotions in the healthiest way – but he sure knows how to call someone on a superficial lie when he sees one. 

Type’s anger is actually marvelous when you see him direct it at people who deserve it. Okay – it’s pretty cute when he directs it at Than too. 

“I love you, asshole.”

You learn pretty quickly in TharnType that when Type expresses hatred it actually means love. So when he actually says “I love you” it would be pretty strange if he didn’t add something mean at the end. “Asshole” is pretty much “darling” for Type. Time to learn Type’s love language. 

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