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Everything you should know about ‘TharnType’ season 2

TharnType: The Series is a Thai BL drama based on a popular book series written by Mame. Type (Gulf Kanawut Traipipattanapong) and Tharn (Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat) are both college freshmen who happen to be sharing a dorm room together. Tharn is openly gay and when Type finds out, he completely freaks out.

Much drama ensues, but eventually, the boys end up in a relationship. While certainly not perfect, there is something absolutely adorable about this couple and fans all around the world just can’t get enough. People are crazy about this ‘ship. 

As season one of the show concluded in early 2020, there was much speculation around whether the show had a future. The 12th episode ended on a happy note with all story arcs nicely tied up, so it seemed that a second season was unlikely. 

Then, fans were treated to a movie-length special episode that aired in Thailand in movie theaters only, but was later subtitled in English and released to the international community through a paid link on Vimeo. 

Like the last episode of season one, the special episode ended on a high note, with no ambiguity about the future of the leading couple, Tharn & Type. Although fans had been screaming for a second season for months, the creators of the show remained silent on the issue. It seemed like that was it for TharnType: The Series.

However, at a fan service event last weekend, the creators announced that the show has been picked up for a second season. The announcement sent fans into a frenzy, both in Thailand and all around the world. They took to social media with gusto to share in their delight, and it’s been a TharnType party online ever since. 

While many details surrounding the upcoming season are still under lock & key, the creators did release just enough to tease our senses. Here’s everything we know about the second season of TharnType: The Series


When the announcement dropped in Thailand, the creators of the show also announced that all the cast from season one would be returning for season two. While this is exciting, it also raises some questions. We’re wondering what the full extent of ‘everyone’ actually means. 

Clearly Gulf Kanawut Traipipattanapong and Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat will be returning as Tharn & Type, for without them there would be no show. However, does this mean Lhong (Kaownah Kittipat Kaewcharoen) will be returning in season two? What about Puifai (Eye Siwapohn Langkapin) and her friends? Inquiring minds want to know. 

The creators also told fans that they would be casting new characters, as well. They’re not wasting any time! Casting is set to occur quite quickly and is scheduled to take place later in February. 


The first season was based on the first two novels in a trilogy series written by Mame. It is expected that the second season will follow the trajectory of the third book. While the books are not available in English yet, there is plenty of spoiler information floating around. 

Based on this, if the show follows the book, the story will pick up seven years after season one ends. A younger man develops feelings for Type which causes Tharn to flip out. While they don’t officially break up, Tharn & Type spend some time apart. It seems we’re in for a world of pain.

Little else is known at this point. Fans are musing over how closely the show will follow the book. How many new characters will there be? Will Tharn finally develop a harmonious relationship with Type’s dad? Even though we know this definitely doesn’t happen in the book, fans are questioning whether the creators will connect Champ (Boat Napat Sinnakuan) and Techno (Mild Suttinut Uengtrakul) romantically. 

We’re going to keep our ears to the ground and we’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available. In the meantime, why don’t you tell us, what do you hope for Tharn and Type in season two? If you’re still yearning for more TharnType content, check out our collection of MewGulf’s best moments together. 

Still not satisfied and craving more TharnType content? Here’s the latest on season 2 of TharnType: The Series and the highly anticipated cast.

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  • I think you should let the other guy leave type alone because type belong to thran and the first season was a awesome show hope the 2 season is good too but if thran and type in it it will be

    February 21, 2020
  • I really love d the series and I was a bit sad when the season 1 ends but I recently came to know that they are going to take its 2nd part nd I was excited by hearing it and really wanted to know how season 2 turns out to be ….looking forward for more romance of tharn and type

    March 9, 2020
    • I hope that season 2 will consolidate the relationship between the tharn and type. If this does not happen and there is a break up. It will totally ruin the show for me including season one.
      This is the best bl drama reflecting gay love. It should continue with this
      The amazing chemistry between mew and gulf should be used to enhance season 2 and not diminish season 1.
      Hope finally season 2 will leave me with the belief that this is an everlasting and enduring love.

      May 11, 2020
    • I have a really high expectation for this season 2 as long as than type doesn’t break up and that there love wax stronger.

      June 4, 2020
  • I really love how tharntype ended in season 1, you have the feeling of satisfaction but craving for more.
    Hoping that season 2 will also like this. It is normal to give intense lovers quarrel on the plot but looking forward on how the author will resolve the conflict. So much excitement is in my nerves. More power to the production especially Mew and Gulf!

    March 28, 2020
  • What about techno and kengkla? Since techno isn’t virgin anymore bcs of kengkla

    March 31, 2020
    • Verdade oq vao mostrar desses dois nessa temporada ja que todos vao voltar para essa temporada..

      September 18, 2020
  • I’m really excited about the second season but isn’t techno is paired with kangkla ? in lbc techno and kangkla end up together… And I really really want to know what happens with lhong… Many people in youtube saying that long will be paired with thorn ( tharn’s elder brother)??? I really hope lhong gets a happy ending ? poor guys even though he did wrong I still want to see him Happy in the end.

    April 4, 2020
  • Ugh I just want my babies to be happy. Literally that’s all I want. Please don’t hurt us too bad in the second season T.T

    April 18, 2020
  • Thanks for theses informations. I love the tharntype series characters but the film making has to use more narratives zoom or subjectives sequences ( where you could follow the impression on Tharn when Type fights with Long , for example…what is missing a lot ). _ why Ru_ is far away better realised, in my opinion. It’s a pity the fourth years of the main couple was no more played. So much things could have been told ! By the way, the main , climax, revelation scene – when Type makes it with Pufaï and realises that it’s not the body he needs to touch and love – wasn’t a live scene. ! Type told it after at Tharn. It could have so dramatic and tense and romantic if the scene had been a live one ! And Type would have ran to Tharn ‘s bed in tears. If season 2 is (again) jealous story between Type and Tharn… i am not sure i wanted to follow this. It’s boring. Hope it will be more interested in.

    April 25, 2020
  • Tharn Type Is A Good Movie

    April 25, 2020
  • I heard that it was announced THAT the second season will not fallow the book religiously as the first season did. In an interview, Mew mentioned that he was not required to read the other books because he was told that the second season will not fallow the books and that the writer is making the script very eventful and nice, also I think they mentioned that the second season will be steamy.

    April 28, 2020
  • I love this movie is so cute perfect combination couple together they both comfortable to each other and seem handsome love it . Even though there are seem men so perfect*beautiful. For me I really think alot that in real life they love each other so much. Just wish it will be coming true awwhh just hoping. Love TharnType the best ever.. 😍

    May 8, 2020
  • There really is no relationship without a fight. But I hope Tharn and type will get back together even after the fight. They’re too cute to break up

    May 19, 2020
    • I love Tharn and Type. 연화를 계속하면 좋겠습니다. 영화를 계속하세요. 부탁 드리겠습니다. 그런데 새배우들 가야 하지.않습니다.

      May 21, 2020
  • Does in the nook they end together?

    May 23, 2020
  • If the book says another younger man will develop feelings for type then throw away the book and get another version where there love will blossom and lead to marriage because if a third person comes in between them it will look as if the movie is just going in circles, like they’re trying to build their love again and it lacks trust while this has already been proving in season one by the exposure of lhong so please we need a more matured season two that talks about love and happiness, type has to be able to feel free around tharn in public even to the extent of kissing like he said in that bar “this is the friend I want to do this with, and tharn should fully realise that this is now a relationship not a one end thing and tharns dad should accept his future son in law because he can’t change his son but will have to support him just the way types parent’s are comfortable with their son being gay.

    May 28, 2020
  • Saya berharap… Tharntype hadir lagi. Saya kangen film nya . Hm kedepannya … Harus lebih baik lagi.. ntah bagaimana caranya akan tetap bersama . Tapi jujur… Film ini bener2 buat aku seneng . Seneng bukan karna nafsu.. tapi saya suka film ini karna menurut saya ini bagus. Maasya Allah.. jika memang jalan cerita nya di perpanjang tapi justru membuat berantakan alur cerita dan hati nya . Lebih baik jangan… Ini bisa membuat para Penggemar mengomentari dan banyak yang tidak setuju . Dan yang pasti bisa membuat usaha dan pengorbanan di awal kali bertemu dan berusaha mempertahankan CINTA mereka akan hancur dan sia sia jika ujung ujung nya mereka tidak bersama . Tolong.. berikan kami yang terbaik … :-)

    June 3, 2020
  • I have a really high expectation for this season 2 as long as than type doesn’t break up and that there love wax stronger. And please when will the season 2 be aired.

    June 4, 2020
  • what day will you release every episode of season 2?

    June 19, 2020
  • The main reason TharnType is so special is the constant relationship and togetherness between Tharn and Type and even Mew and Gulf. When I just now read they might spend some time apart in season 2 I thought, oh, no. Because it’s the fact they’re always together that’s special. So many dramas think they need to separate the main couple for awhile and that’s the angst and conflict – it just doesn’t work. It always takes away from the specialness. Surely there must be another way to create conflict and angst without separating the two people that make the whole idea so special. No, no, no. Please don’t.

    July 29, 2020

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