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It's surprising to learn that R. Kelly still has supporters despite his crimes. See what this man did to one of Kelly's victims in order to keep her

The R. Kelly trial may be wrapping up, but the lurid revelations keep on coming. Brace yourself for the latest details regarding the disgraced musician.

Might one suggested R-Kelly video tape be enough to convict the once beloved singer of his disturbing crimes? We Believe they can try.

R. Kelly is in the midst of the most important trial of his life. Unearth the details and find out what led the star to his most recent

After countless allegations, R. Kelly is now facing some new additions to the already long list. Could he face even more charges?

A theater had to cancel their screening of the Lifetime docuseries 'Surviving R. Kelly' after threats were called in. Who would do such a thing?

New allegations about the 'Surviving R. Kelly' production are coming to light. Was there racism on set? Here's everything you need to know.

R. Kelly is trying to get anonymous judges for his upcoming trial, but he's doing it only to benefit himself. This news isn't a surprise though.

If you're obsessed with Jeffrey Epstein and the tales of what happened on his island, then you'll definitely love these documentaries too.