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'Our Father' tells the story of a woman going through the process of getting a divorce, and turning to a priest for solace. Here's what we know.

MJ Kim had their directorial debut with the short film 'Juicy Girl'. Find out more about the film with this in-depth interview.

Dalton Burdette's new horror short film 'Contrition' is one of many projects coming out of his produciton company Movie Knights Productions.

Lucia Senesi's short film called 'A Short Story' is an exploration into how some groups of people need more attention right now than others.

'You May Kiss the Bride' directed by Reeth Mazumder is a short film about a reincarnated couple how are beginning to remember their past life.

Audrey Seybold and her shortfilm 'Chatter' should be the next horror short film on your must-watch list. Don't miss out on it!

The surrealist short film directed by Sooin Cho is a reflection upon society and what it's like to be part of a social group.

Barron Smith's 'The Last Rest Stop' is a psychological thriller you can't miss; this short film is filled with suspense.

New stories and new faces are what film festivals like Montreal Indie Short Film Awards are all about. Here's how you can enter.