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'The Vanishing American Dream' is a trippy film that utilizes brand new technology to tell a visually stunning story.

The animated short film 'Derivative', directed by Gary M. Sanner is an interesting insight into current events.

Filmmaker Peter Heslop Smith's documentary film debut is marked by the short film 'A Tower Block in Ladbroke Grove'.

Filmmaker Deepak Reddy has a new short film called 'Manasanamaha'. This romantic comedy is a fun and symbolic film.

Filmmaker Julia Monahan's new short film 'Before' is a thoughtful exploration of what "life" before life could possibly look like.

We had the chance to ask filmmaker Anna Panova about her documentary short film 'Point Symmetry' and her career as a whole.

Julie Pacino has been a short filmmaker for years, and 'Nowhere to Go' is just the latest in the line of her brilliant works.

'Rootless' is the latest short film from director Zhojian Cong, and takes a look at the dark underground world of crime, but has an even darker message.

Julian Olariu is known for experimental short films, and his latest short film 'Above the Angel' is no different, tackling a difficult subject matter.