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'Mickey Hardaway' feels like a story we heard before, because we've all dealt with it. Get the tea on this heartbreaking short film.

Betty is breaking out with a new fashion short film, 'Wounded Girl'. Discover the behind the scenes story of the new project.

'Persuasive' is the new short film by writer/director J. Writer Ward. Learn more about Ward and why you should check out the film here.

The music video for Cristina Malakhai and Bellringer's song "Distance", directed by Stefany Rojo, perfectly encompasses the message of the song.

Chong Liu is the artistic voice behind the film 'NoWhereMan'. Learn about the animator and the award-winning short here.

'Love Is Just a Death Away' is the new short film produced by Jakub Kostal. Learn more about the short and Kostal here.

In the world of short film 'Love is Just a Death Away', true love can never fade. Here's why you want to go on this romantic, yet gruesome

'Learning Tagalog with Kayla' looks like any old language tutorial, but the four minute short film will take you on a journey. Here's why you need to watch.

Here's why you need to watch Kerilie McDowall's new short film documentary whether you're a music lover or not.