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Camilla Bartoli is the editor of the award-winning short film 'Hallelujah.' Learn more about Bartoli and her process here.

'30 Minutes Till' is a new short film directed by RJ Zabasky. Learn more about the film and the filmmaker here.

From social media sensation to movie star, Tayson Madkour's journey to success is inspiring. Here's how he made his way from influencer to actor.

'My Left Arm' is a horror short by filmmaker Elizabeth Alan and producers Melissa Vitello & Stacy Snyder. Learn more about the film here.

'Mickey Hardaway' feels like a story we heard before, because we've all dealt with it. Get the tea on this heartbreaking short film.

Betty is breaking out with a new fashion short film, 'Wounded Girl'. Discover the behind the scenes story of the new project.

'Persuasive' is the new short film by writer/director J. Writer Ward. Learn more about Ward and why you should check out the film here.

The music video for Cristina Malakhai and Bellringer's song "Distance", directed by Stefany Rojo, perfectly encompasses the message of the song.

Chong Liu is the artistic voice behind the film 'NoWhereMan'. Learn about the animator and the award-winning short here.