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'30 Minutes Till' is a new short film directed by RJ Zabasky. Learn more about the film and the filmmaker here.

Expand your mind with the short film ’30 Minutes Till’

College is an exciting time in many ways, but it can also be emotionally taxing. For many, it’s the first time they are out on their own, and without the safety net of family, it can easily succumb to isolation and feelings of depression. It causes young adults to experiment with different substances, or try on different stylistic masks. After all, what’s a new experience if not an attempt to fit in with a larger group.

The battle against isolation takes root in the new film 30 Minutes Till. It tells the story of a college student who decides to take an unknown drug in the hopes that it will serve as a distraction. The drug affects him in an unimaginable way, however, and he goes on a surreal odyssey that results in him coming to grips with his problems.

The film is the brainchild of writer/director RJ Zabasky. The twenty-year-old student is currently attending the University of Arizona, and one can’t help but draw parallels between Zabasky’s setting and the college setting of the main character. Like the best storytellers, Zabasky is pulling from themes and locations that he knows.

Zabasky had made no attempts to hide the parallels, and has gone as far as to highlight them. He considers it a fortunate occurrence that he was able to turn an emotional doldrum into a piece of art that could connect with audiences from around the world. “It’s funny how something written at a low point in my life has taken me to the highest peak”, he added.

Impressively, Zabasky didn’t start making films until his senior year of high school. His passion for the artform quickly took hold, however, and he’s made seven short films to date. 30 Minutes Till is his latest offering, and he considers it to be his best. His background in videography paid off immensely with this film, as it boasts some truly abstract and impressive visuals.

When he’s not dabbling in short films, RJ Zabasky is working in even shorter mediums. He runs the TikTok account @rjthefilmguy, where he talks about movies and TV shows that he loves. He currently has over 500,000 followers.

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