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From social media sensation to movie star, Tayson Madkour's journey to success is inspiring. Here's how he made his way from influencer to actor.

Tayson Madkour: Social Media Influencer Successfully Making His Way into Acting

Every year, the acting industry receives a mix of fresh talent with dreams of making it big in the industry. Thousands of young faces enter the field hoping to start a successful career, but only a few make it. It’s a highly competitive and aggressive industry, where only the best get to survive.

Tayson Madkour is one of these new talents making his way into the acting scene. The social media influencer turned actor has successfully launched his acting career, working on a few shows. 

Tayson made the switch, and he’s concentrating on his acting career as that’s what he wants to do for the rest of his life. He shares a deep passion for the industry with excellent natural acting skills that set him ahead of the rest in the industry.

As an influencer for over five years, Tayson has been on numerous tours, including Lights Out and Boys of Summer, two of the biggest social media tours of 2019. He’s also worked on “Chicken Girls” and “Rooney’s Last Roll,” where he featured as the main character in the mini-series.

Nevertheless, building on social media and an acting career has not been all easy for Tayson. He says the path can get a bit challenging, and it calls for focus and resilience to keep going. He shares how social media bullying almost pushed him to quit. 

There was so much hate from people he even didn’t know, making him question his abilities. To Tayson, having people doubt you for trying to do something different can be demotivating. You have to develop a thick skin to deal with all the negativity and focus on what’s positive.

Though it took him a while, Tayson is now used to handling the negative aspects of the industry. He’s learned that everyone has a different perspective, and they are entitled to their own opinions. 

To him, you shouldn’t care too much about what people say as there will always be haters. Instead, his advice is to focus on working on yourself to improve in every way, as that’s the only way to succeed. Staying strong and focusing on building yourself will help conquer what may seem impossible.

With an already promising future, Tayson is working tirelessly, pushing his limits to storm the mainstream acting industry. His dream is to push his brand and hopefully work with some of the more prominent names in the industry, among them his role models Pete Davidson and Mark Whalberg. To Tayson, getting the chance to feature in a film with them would be a dream come true, a vision he hopes to live to witness. A highly optimistic individual, Tayson believes that it may not happen soon, but he has what it takes to make it a reality.

In the meantime, all his focus remains on honing his skills as an influencer and actor. He shares a deep love for the two fields, and it’s a matter of time before he blows up on the global acting scene. You better watch out for Tayson as he promises to be coming to a screen near you.

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