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Writers and actors used social media to share rejection stories in the entertainment business takes hard work and tenacity. Here's some of the best.

Despite being heralded as the quintessential 90s star, Silverstone’s career repeatedly stalled when it should have been thriving. We’ve chartered the rise and fall of the beloved actor

Sometimes all you need is a guilty pleasure. No need to tell the world you love nothing more than to grab a bowl of popcorn, crack a cold

As this brief timeline of the history of TV censorship reveals, the apparently all-too-delicate sensibilities of children & adults alike have been overly protected in North America for

There aren’t enough snarky one-liners in the world to express how we feel about a potential 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' reboot from Fox. At the INTV conference in

In celebration of the show turning 21 this month (feel old yet?) and the fact 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' will always hold a special place in our

Whack on those slap bracelets, dig out your epic gel pen collection, and get ready for a nostalgic sobbing sesh, because today we’re looking back at the hottest

Need a break from the January blues? Imbibe a welcome dose of terror with Film Daily’s top ten most brutal entries from the horror genre available on Netflix