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The latest news concerning Donald Trump comes from a new book that unveils the behind-the-scenes mayhem in the White House after Trump lost the election.

Rudy Giuliani and his net worth are in imminent danger as the federal probe continues against the former mayor. Why is he "willing to go to prison"?

Joe Biden's new border policies appear to be causing a surge in illegal immigration at the U.S. - Mexican border. Are the cartels winning?

Donald Trump will receive his net worth back with his return to private life. Read about the former president's post-presidency plans here.

Have you seen President Donald Trump's latest Twitter post? Here are the reasons why Twitter has censored all activity on the recent Trump video.

Worried about your funds during the global pandemic? Look at President Donald Trump's interesting reaction to the new COVID-19 relief fund today.

William Barr has been one of Trump's closest confidants, but it looks like his time as attorney general is up. See the new report.