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'No Postage Necessary' is the first feature available on a crypto blockchain distribution platform. Can they succeed?

We turn our spotlight to some of the best LGBTQI film festivals, so we now look at the best advocacy groups for LGBTQI filmmakers to find funding.

Today we’re turning our focus to how to create empathy with the editing process by looking at the techniques used by the great filmmakers of modern cinema.

While seeing your name on the silver screen is the biggest payment of all, there are also some film industry workers that make good money.

We turn our attention towards the friendly and creative world of indie film publishing. Here are the top ten entertainment magazines for film buffs.

Instagram has established itself as the perfect social media tool for the biggest and best cinematographers in the game.

There are many dos to consider when entering a film festival. We look at the ultimate don’ts worth considering when submitting to a film fest.

We’re about to teach you the holy grail of productivity tricks. Yes, you can achieve your goals – but it might just take a bit more time than

You’ve got the script and you’ve got the crew (and you’ve got no budget) – here’s how to find your actors.