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Was the "bittersweet" ending for Deckerstar in the new (and last) season of 'Lucifer' a good one? See what the showrunners have to see about the ending.

Are you having some major feels about the final season of 'Lucifer' being released? Cry with fans over the new episodes of the series.

'Lucifer' releases its very final trailer of the show. React over the best moments with the fellow Lucifans over on Twitter.

'Lucifer' season 6 sets its release date. See what we know about the final season of the beloved Netflix show.

'Lucifer' season 6 has been confirmed—again—as being the last season for the show. See how the Lucifer tag feels about things on Twitter.

Is there really going to be a sixth season of 'Lucifer'? Dive into our exclusive rumors, casting, and spoilers right here!

Lucifer season 6 still doesn't have a release date, so fans have to revisit the old episodes to get a fix. Here are some of the best episodes