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'Lucifer' season 6 has been confirmed—again—as being the last season for the show. See how the Lucifer tag feels about things on Twitter.

‘Lucifer’: Why is this Netflix show ending after season 6?

Lucifer’s sixth season will also be its final season. The cast has finished filming. Everything has wrapped. Now all that’s left is the waiting game until Lucifer season 6 appears on Netflix – but will it really be the show’s final season? Could we see more of Lucifer? After all, season 5 was supposed to be Lucifer’s final season, but then it got a surprise renewal. 

Well, Joe Henderson, co-showrunner of Lucifer, has confirmed yet again that Lucifer’s sixth season will be its last season. There will be no surprise renewal for the show. Netflix will not sweep in order to save the series again, which isn’t a bad thing. Six seasons is a perfectly respectable run for a series, after all. Plus it’s a whole other unexpected season! 

So let’s take a look to see how Lucifer Twitter is handling the assurances that the show’s season 6 will be it’s last season.


Give us Lucifer season 6

Trying to manifest that release date for Lucifer.


What we want from the show’s poster

Deckerstar please!


Everyone’s pinning their hopes here

Honestly? The biggest hope is getting some news from ComicCon@Home.


Now what for the show?

We’re terrified because Lucifer (Tom Ellis) was in a good place and now what will happen?


People are sharing their season 6 hopes

Give us one more speechless Lucifer.


It’s a good part of the tag

Seriously, fans are really hoping that ComicCon@Home will give them what they desire.


More desires from season 6

Sick promo posters. Netflix has killed the game with that.


What does it mean?!

So they went all out in the series finale, huh? 


Dance with the devil in the pale moonlight

Hopefully, the Devil is dancing to “Hammer Time”.


The general mood right now

Another chip please.

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