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Lucifer Morningstar will solve his last case in the upcoming final season of 'Lucifer'. Be bad and reminisce on the most devilish moments of the hit show.

Revist the best ‘Lucifer’ moments ever from the show

Lucifer will come to an end with its season 6, which will be released at some point in the future. (Our best guess is 2022, but that’s just us.) While the series is coming to an end and season 5B is in the books, there are a great many moments that took place over the course of the show. From the silliest moments on television to moments that will rip your heart out, Lucifer has the full spectrum of emotions covered.

Naturally, it’s time to think about the best moments of the show. What are the ones that make our hearts soar? Or, you know, left us sobbing into a puddle of tears. We’re going up to season 5B with these moments. And it’s been out for a month now, so we’re not slapping on a spoiler warning for y’all. Let’s dig into our favorite moments over the course of Lucifer.

Lucifer’s sacrifice

Lucifer is a master class in having character growth without losing some of the fun about the character to begin with. Lucifer (Tom Ellis) changes but without losing parts of himself that draw people in. And the change becomes clear in the season 5 finale where Chloe (Lauren German) is killed by Michael (Ellis), dying in Lucifer’s arms as he sobs over her.

Lucifer returns to Heaven, despite being under penalty of burning to death, in order to get her back. Sacrificing himself for Chloe without thought or concern for himself, a truly selfless act, shows the major change of the character versus the season 1 version that we all know and love. He grew and by showing concern for another being, by wanting to sacrifice, then Lucifer proves himself worthy of becoming God.

Introducing Lucifer Morningstar

Speaking of Lucifer season 1, we need to talk about the pitch perfect introduction. While the first season took a bit of time for everything to really hit its stride with Lucifer, but one thing that never needed time to click with audiences? Tom Ellis’ dynamite portrayal of the character. From the opening scene with Lucifer speeding his car as Cage the Elephant’s “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” plays? 

We immediately were on board with Ellis’s excellent portrayal of the Devil. Honestly, the series probably would have lived & died by how well Tom Ellis was as the titular character. But, oh, he slipped into Lucifer in the best way possible. Seriously, his performance as Lucifer is one of the best performances on any television show today. Don’t @ us about it.

Chloe saves Lucifer (from himself)

One of the best episodes of Lucifer is season 4’s #SaveLucifer, don’t even front on that. In the episode, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) is slowly turning into the Devil form. Like full on red skinned, bat-winged, terrifying Devil. This is due to his newly realized & named self-loathing because, wow, he really does hate himself. So that self-loathing was turned outward, which transformed him.

Chloe (Lauren German) despite being terrified of him is able to get past the terror and reach out to him. More importantly, she has Lucifer see that he wants to forgive himself for his fall, for everything. And, oh, our hearts. Sometimes, you need a gentle hand when you can’t see the forest for the trees. Or for when you’re scared, but you handle it anyway. Either way, it’s a powerful moment of love between Deckerstar. 

Maze and Eve

Season 5B sees the return of Eve (Inbar Lavi) who wants to woo Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) in her own way. Despite Maze getting scared off by Eve almost dying and the pain that it causes her new soul, the two of them decide to have a relationship together. In the end, after all, life is not worth living unless you have all the good and bad things in it. 

The joy is made sweeter by the pain and all that. Either way, the awkward way of how they get together (Maze literally tells Eve that she doesn’t care if she dies, it makes sense in context) is absolutely adorkable. We hope these two crazy kids can work it out.

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