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Is ‘Lucifer’ over for good? Watch the final trailer and decide

Ah, Lucifer. It always hurts to say goodbye. But with season 6 on the horizon (coming out a lot sooner than expected), we’re getting ready to cry our way through the series ending. Will it hurt? Definitely. Do we care? Yes because we want our faves to have a happy ending. Does Lucifer (Tom Ellis) still need therapy? Buddy, pal, have you seen this series?


The final trailer has dropped for Lucifer season 6. In it, we see that the show is definitely going hard in saying goodbye. We’re going to have an animated episode, apparently. Lucifer’s sister Rory (Brianna Hildebrand) is gunning for the throne of Hell. Chloe (Lauren German) and Lucifer are having wacky adventures together! Also reality is falling apart without God there.

Let’s see Twitter’s reactions, shall we?


What’s going on in this season! 

That was light on the spoilers?! 


Glory be

Well that’s one way to handle being God.


Look at how much fun they’re having

Mrs. G is going all out this season!


*fans self*

Okay so the trailer closes with Chloe attacking Lucifer. But wow is that hot.


That’s it

Look. Linda (Rachael Harris) & Lucifer’s dynamic summed up.


Hey look, it’s all of us

We’re all clowns for Lucifer.


Our hearts!

The Deckerstar feels are so real right now.


Hm . . . 

They’re dope as Hell. But like she’s an edgy teen.



No man should look that good in a white suit.


*heart eyes*

And, of course, fans sharing their love for the show!

Are you excited for Lucifer season 6? What are some of your thoughts on the final trailer for the show? Let us know in the comments down below! 

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